Thursday, April 18, 2013

WTF Mother Nature. Seriously.

I've been MIA this week, like anyone really noticed, but I've been a bit under the weather and haven't had much to write about.

Monday after work I walked over to Fulton Brewery to meet the Man Friend and his roommate and girlfriend for some pre Twin game brews. I had been feeling out of sorts so luckily one of two gas stations downtown is right next to Fulton and I was able to get a Red Bull to put a little pep back in my step. 

Fulton is one of my favorite brewery's. Probably because it's the first one that I went to and I really like their Lonely Blonde. I especially like it when Mr. Man Friend orders one for me and says 'Can I do a Lonely Blonde?' Bar tenders give him a strange look. He does have me, but I'm not very lonely, so, whatevs. 

After a couple beers we headed over to the ball park. We had some pretty good seats for a very good price.

Mauer hit a home run, which was awesome. Oswaldo Arcia, new kid on the team had his first hit and for a whole two innings was batting 1,000. That was fun to watch. In the end the Twinkies won!

I was not winning however. That Red Bull, plus a couple beers, plus feeling out of sorts, hit me half way through the game and I turned into a silent bitch. I was fun to be around I'm sure. 

On another note. I'm never trusting another groundhog again. This winter crap needs to go away pronto.

Early Spring my ass.

At this point I'm seriously considering moving. I said when I moved home from Sioux Falls that I'd never move out of the Twin Cities again. Well, Mother Nature is forcing me to think hard about that. But where to go? Seems like the whole country is being crapped on.

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  1. I see the sun right now out the window though :) It will all melt and be 70 tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.