Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Review

It was another crazy weekend around these parts. Quite frankly, I can't wait until this coming weekend. I don't have anything planned, and I'm pretty excited to just lay low.

Right after work on Monday I headed over to Aloft hotel to meet up with the Browns! Amber was one of my best friends from when I lived in Sioux Falls. Her husband and their kids were also really close with Dustin and his daughter, so we would all spend a lot of time together. The Browns were in town for the Supercross event at the dome.

They had spent the day at the Mall of America so I found a cozy place at the bar and waited for them to get to the hotel. While I was waiting her mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and their adorable son came  in. It was nice to see them all since I spent many weekends out at her parents farm at barn parties.

We walked to Seven Corners and went to Republic for dinner. Her mom and dad brought all six, yes six kids back to the hotel after we ate so we could go out for the night. We did a little bar hop from Seven Corners back to the hotel. We stopped at the Corner Bar, Maxwell's and Grumpy's before heading to Uncle Bucks (formerly Drink downtown), I'll be happy to never go there again.

Saturday morning afternoon I rolled out of bed, gathered my laundry and headed to my parents. You know those days where you just need a good cry? Apparently that was Saturday. I was talking to my mom and all of a sudden I just started to bawl. I couldn't tell you what triggered it, but to say that I've had a lot going on lately with work and balancing a personal life would be an understatement. On top of being way to emotional, I took what I thought was ibuprofen, turns out it was an extra strength PM pill. I took two. I guess I needed the rest though because I kept falling asleep between loads of laundry.

Man Friend came over later Saturday afternoon and I wasn't really in the mood to be at my apartment so we went out to try two breweries in my neck of the woods that I hadn't been to before.

We started out at Steel Toe Brewery in St. Louis Park. I really enjoyed their beer.

Then we went to Excelsior and went to Excelsior Brewing Co.

All these breweries were packed. I guess that's what people do on a rainy cold Saturday afternoon.

While we were enjoying come craft beers a group at the brewery ordered pizza. It smelled so amazing. We asked where they got it from and thought about doing pizza for dinner. It was a tough call between the steak and potato dinner we had planned or following our noses to the pizza. We went with the pizza.

We headed over to Joey Nova's in Tonka Bay and am I glad we did.

I love my pizza and this was one of my favorites. It was a nice thin crust, but not too crunchy.

Sneaking pics of the pizza chef himself. When we got back to my place we tried to enjoy a drink in the hot tub but we were both so exhausted that it didn't last long.

If you live in the area you know we had some awesome winter weather yesterday with ice/snow/rain falling for most of the day. I had plans to get some new running shoes, but wanted to beat the weather. After google maps taking my everywhere but the running store I wanted to go to I put my phone away and went with my instincts.  I finally found the Running Room in Maple Grove and was fitted for an awesome pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13.

I wasn't able to get outside with them, but I can't wait to put some miles on these babies and see if they make me an ultra fast runner.

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! That pizza looks AMAZING!

    PS - you still have word verification on. For info on how to remove it, see my 2nd to last post!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhmygoodness. That pizza looks delicious!! Sounds like a fun weekend with friends and family. Brooks are my FAVORITE shoes for running!! Good luck with them :-)

  3. LOVE the new tennies!!! I need to get fitted for some new ones asap!
    Found you from the link up :)

  4. Mall of America?! Yes, please!! That pizza looks aammmaaazziiinnggg!! Yum!!!
    Now following via GFC from the linkup

  5. I love Steel Toe Brewery! Really good beer!