Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was a complete whirlwind.

Friday night was my friend Kate's birthday. We played endless games of BOOM and then headed out to the Calvin Harris concert.

BOOM is a mix between pong and speed quarters. It's amazing.

Hair chalk

Ridic concert!

Saturday morning I packed up my laundry and headed for my parents to get some puppy love in and some clean knickers.

Later in the day I had a wedding shower to go to for my cousins fiance. My Aunts do a great job at throwing parties.

These were just come of the desserts.

Sunday was spent lounging and running errands per usual. I'm debating on if I should get a new pair of running shoes so I went to Dick's. After standing in the shoe department for 20 minutes, someone finally came to help me, but they didn't have any of the shoes I wanted in stock. I took it as a sign, but I'm going to hit up a running store later this week and get fitted for some good shoes.

I had a total 'Ali' moment at the grocery store too. I had been craving wild rice soup and just had a couple ingredients that I needed so I didn't bother to make a list. As I'm checking out I'm fairly confident that I have every thing I need for wild rice soup. No. I got to my car, literally slapped myself in the forehead and realized I forgot the wild rice. At least I was still in the parking lot. I have a love/hate relationship with Rainbow Foods. They never have what I need. Like wild rice, so I bought pre-cooked wild rice and it tastes just as good. It should taste better though since one can was $5. I almost ran out of the store yelling 'I've been robbed!" But I was too hungry so I just went home and made my soup.

Here's some random pics from the week/weekend.

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