Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Review and 1/2 Marathon!

This weekend was wonderful!
(Get ready for a long post)

Friday was the most low key Friday ever. I headed over to Minnehaha Falls to get my bib and T-shirt. It was one of the first amazing days we've had this Spring so the park was absolutely packed. After 30 minutes of driving around, I finally found a parking spot and was able to get my things, head home and rest up for the big run the next morning.

I laid out all my gear and packed my bag for the Get In Gear 1/2 marathon and was sound asleep by 9:30 PM. It was quite nice.

Saturday morning I was up around 5:30 AM. Without an alarm. I think the race jitters hit and I just couldn't go back to sleep. I made some oatmeal and had a banana for breakfast, took a shower, and made sure I had everything I would need for the rest of the day.

I headed out around 7:00 only to have my car be a putz and not start the first three times I tried. I think it was still sleeping. The fourth time was the charm and I got her purring. The sun was shining and I was all ready to do this. Then I realized I didn't have everything I needed for the day. I brought my ID but no money. So half way to the race I had to turn around and go back home. Good thing I was up extra early so I had this extra time!

I got to the VA Center at 8:00 and took the shuttle over to Minnehaha Falls. Waited in line for the port-a-potty, dropped off my bag, and before I knew it, it was time to head to the start line.

There was so much noise that I completely missed the National Anthem and the 26 seconds of  silence for Boston. I just heard a gun shot and people started to cheer and my feet started to move. Next thing I knew, I was running my first 1/2 marathon.

It was a really pretty run along the river and by some gorgeous homes. At the 10k/1/2 marathon split, my parents were there cheering me on.

In the Blue
I ran 1/2 of the course without stopping. After the split, the course got pretty hilly and I found myself walking almost every hill. The sun was up and in full force and it was a rather hot day for MN standards. At the mile 9 turn around, I was really feeling over heated. Thank goodness there were several water stops along the way.

Man friend came and cheered me on at the finish line. It was so nice to have him and my parents there to support me and cheer me on.

My dad got me heading to the finish line. What was really neat is that they announce your name once you finish! I finished in exactly 2:29:00. I was hoping for 2:10, but that just means there's room for improvement.

The rest of Saturday Man Friend and I did a little brewery hopping. We started at Northbound Smokehouse for a quick celebratory beer and lunch before we went back to his place so I could shower and not be a sweaty mess the rest of the day.

We went to Boom Island, which I think might be one of my favorite places. They let you try all of their beers for free, they just would like you to purchase something in return. I got a bottle of the Brimstone, which I think might actually be one of my new favorite beers. I'll have to get a growler next time.

After Boom Island we went to 612 for a drink. They have a beer called Mary Ann that is a ginger beer and quite tasty.

When we were done beer tasting for the day, I made an impromptu decision to go up to the cabin. I wanted to keep celebrating my finish so I called my cousin and my parents and they were all up at the lake. Since I had some extra clothes, and we keep extra PJ's up there, I figured why not? I got up there around 7:30 and chatted with my parents and some neighbors before heading over to my cousins cabin. They had a nice fire going outside and I was able to enjoy my Brimstone.

Sunday morning I headed back to my parents cabin before I had to head back to the Cities. Man Friend had a 50 mile road race he was doing that finished in Lake Elmo, so since it's kind of on my way home, I made a pit stop. He finished early so I didn't get to see him come in, but we were able to hang out for a while waiting for his dad to finish.

The rest of Sunday consisted of me laying on the couch watching Lifetime movies and dreaming that someone would cover me in ice while grilling me a nice steak dinner. That did not happen. I'm still super sore from the run. I think I'll definitely do another one, and most likely this summer. Only this time, I'll train the right way.

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  1. Congrats on your first half marathon Alison! Way to go! It was definitely a warm day too on Saturday, and our bodies just aren't used it yet. I know I felt it on my long run Saturday too.

    Congrats again!

  2. Congrats on your first half. That is an amazing accomplishment!