Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time flies...when you're busy

I feel like I haven't written for a while, and it has been a few days. I've been busy doing not very important things that I thought I really didn't need to recap for myself or your reading pleasure. But here's what's been going on.

Friday work let out early due to the upcoming Easter weekend and it was such a gorgeous day up here! I went to the Man Friends and unfortunately beat him home so I sat around feeling like a stalker until he got home. He made dinner. Have I mentioned how he's pretty good in the kitchen? We had a pork roast, roasted potatoes and garlic in truffle oil and some veggies. After we ate we headed off to Lift Bridge Brewery for some new to me beers. This Man is a mug club member, so he was pretty familiar with their beers. It's been fun to try these new local brewery's. 

There was a Foursquare check in so we did the sampler. They were all pretty tasty.

Saturday morning Kari and I headed up to the cabin. With our inability to sleep in we were on the road with coffee in hand by 8:30 AM. It was another beautiful day with the sun shining and warmer temps.

We had some construction work to do that was the biggest pain in my side. Seriously. Kari and I carried each one of those boards in and my dad said it'd be easy-peazy. Psh! It took close to an hour per board. Once we got 5 done it was almost dinner time so Kari and I had to take the boards back down and lay them outside. First though, we had some planking fun since we were surrounded by planks. We planked with the boards, we planked for M&M's, we planked because we were board, and we planked because we wanted to see who could plank the longest. Oh yeah, we're wild and crazy. Living on the edge.

We took the cutest little rascal for a walk and she was in heaven! She loves walks. 

We hung around Sunday morning for Easter and everyone made something to contribute to the meal.

Mom - ham. Kari - roasted broccoli. Ali - homemade au gratin potatoes. It was all very delicious. 

After brunch Kari and I packed up and headed home. We are so lucky our cabin is only around 2 hours away from where we all live. It's such a quick drive, especially when you have good company or are able to blast the music and open the sun roof. That's my happy me time. I love it. Sunday sucked though. It was cold and snowy and windy so I got home and opened some wine since I didn't have to go to work the next morning.

Before you get all jealous that I had Monday off, it wasn't a free day by any means. I had to go to my Grandma's funeral. My company doesn't give you time off for bereavement, you have to use your own personal time. Crap.

Anyway, my Grandma's funeral was really nice. We have a very large family so there were a lot of loved ones around. Fun fact. Back in the 50's my Grandma was a top contestant for the Mrs. Minnesota pageant. It was so different back then. They were judged on grooming, backing, and setting a table.No bikini contest or formal ware. The kicker was my Grandma had just had her 4th child three months earlier!

I don't think I've ever been to a Catholic funeral before, but that sucker lasted over an hour! Then we all walked to the cemetary which was just down the street and followed that with lunch at the church for everyone that came to pay their respect to my Grandma. After lunch, the whole family headed over to my cousins place who opened his house to everyone. Quite frankly, I think he's the only one in the family who actually has a house that will fit all of us. With kids and spouses there's about 50 of us.

I finished the night with the Man Friend and Pho. He'd been telling me since we met that I have to try it and that Thahn Do has the best Pho in town. I'll give him credit that I actually liked it. I had never had it before and I really enjoyed it. I have enough left overs to last me a whole week though.

Since then I've just been trying to get my runs in since the 1/2 is sneaking up on me and I really wish I had another month.

So there you have. All the fun/not so fun things I've been up to.

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