Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review

I woke up this morning convinced that it was only Sunday and that my alarm was just telling me I should think about getting up and going to the gym. Well, reality hit and sure enough, it's Monday. So, let's recap all the exciting, or not so exciting events that went down over the weekend, shall we?

Let's start with Friday. My office completed a really big project so we had pizza ordered from Pizza Luce. Only one of the best pizza places in the Twin Cities. I was the cool girl who smoothly took a bite of piping hot pizza and let the cheese smack me on my face, to soon realize, I blistered my chin from the hot cheese.

Why did the hipster burn his mouth on pizza? Because he ate it before it was cool. {insert hysterical laughter}

I've been hanging out with a certain Mr. lately who invited me over for dinner Friday night. I have to say I was impressed. He made homemade meatballs and cooked them in red wine. It really was delicious, and I'm not just saying that to be nice, or in fear that some day he might find this. We hung out, watched a movie and drank a lot of Lonely Blonde. One of my favorite beers.

Saturday was a great day. It was sunny and sort of warm, like 20 degrees, so I laced up my running shoes and headed to Lake Calhoun to bust out my 7 mile training run.

I only walked a quarter of a mile around the 3.5 mile mark because I didn't think I could go any further, but I did, I started to run again and finished in 1:12:49, so close to 10 min miles which I'm fine with.

My goal for the 1/2 is 2:10 and I think that's a good goal. I was really happy with the paths around the lake because there was hardly any ice and where there was ice, it was covered in sand.

There was a lot going on at Calhoun with the Polar Bear Plunge going on, which everyone now knows what that is thanks to the Bachelor. There were fireworks, a fly over and bands galore!

I took my mom to dinner on Saturday night and then we went to my cousins birthday party in St. Paul at her new apartment. We had some more food, wine and good conversation and called it an early night. I like going somewhere with someone that I know isn't going to stay late because it doesn't take much to convince me to stay out all night and drink too much. So going with my mom allowed me to be in bed at a reasonable time and not wake up the next day feeling like death.

On Sunday I was at my parents and gave my little lady a bath. She is the most pathetic thing when she is wet.

I wrapped her up tight and she just trembled in my arms. So is so fluffy now though! It won't take long until she's out in the yard rolling in things she shouldn't be rolling in though.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I went furniture shopping for the cabin and we're pretty certain we found the right stuff.

The couch is a sleeper sofa so we have more sleeping space when we have guests, two leather recliner chairs and the ottoman is on wheels and is as long as the couch, sort of. My parents are going back tonight to make sure my dad likes it and if he does then we can finally get rid of the ugly stuff that came with the cabin two years ago when we got the place.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Fellow MN blogger stopping over from the link-up! I also had a 7-mile training run for an upcoming half (although my pace is nowhere near 10-min miles)! Coincidence! :) Which half are you doing? Happy Monday! :)