Friday, March 29, 2013

Vacation part 6

The last full day of vacation was spent on the beach. I told my parents I wanted to be in the sun all day, I didn't care if I got burned. Well luckily, I was smart with the suntan lotion and didn't burn, but I got to spend the entire day on the beach! It was glorious!

When we stay at the timeshare, we buy our own breakfast/lunch supplies and alcohol so we had to tackle operation: drink all the alcohol. I started with my vodka lemonade around 10:00AM. I was on vacation. Don't judge. It was awesomely refreshing.

2nd book completed in 1 week
I finished two books and started a third in one week.

We spent the afternoon getting our last drinks from our favorite beach servers Alex, Oscar and Caesar.

Mom and I played in the waves one last time.

We watched the parasailers land right in front of us with my Dad freaking out every time, thinking they were going to crash or drown.

We were told to check out a restaurant called Chocolate. After literally hours of searching for this restaurant online, we finally found it. Xocolatl (pronounced Chocolate). It was worth the search.

Xocolatl is in La Cruz and is above the new marina in Banderas Bay.

Robert owns Xocolatl and is fantastic! He is also the server. There are menus, but if you just tell him what you are in the mood for, he'll make you something special.

 I'm really not a fan of seafood, but he insisted I try the shrimp, while he stood there and watched me eat it. The sauce was amazing and I'll admit, the shrimp wasn't so bad either. But in MX you know it's fresh. In MN? Not so much.

Mi mama y papa

I got the steak fajitas and what would you know? The steak came from the state of Sanora! So of course it was really good.

It also came with this tower of everything awesome! Salsa, cheese, rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole. Yum!

Xocolatl is built in to the side of the mountains too which makes for a really neat atmosphere.

Well folks. That rounds out my vacation recap. I highly encourage you to take your next Mexican/beach vacation in Nuevo Vallarta. There are so many great towns around with so much to offer. This was strictly an r n' r vacation, but if you like excitement, night life and adventure, there are a ton of clubs in Puerto, zip lining in the mountains, parasailing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, etc. A little something for everyone!


  1. Sounds wonderful! What books did you read? Anything good?

    1. I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (I had just finished Gone Girl and loved it) and Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Who doesn't love a good Nicholas Sparks book? My mom read Dark Places in three days she could hardly put it down.