Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation Part 5

I'm going to throw in day's 5 & 6 together in one post since day 5 was a beach day and day 6 has just a ton of pictures to share. So don't fret, there's not a lot of writing, just a lot of pictures.

On the morning of day 5 mom and I headed down to the beach around 8:30 AM and set up our spot on the beach.

I was ready to get some sun again so I hung out on the beach reading and mom was nice enough to bring me down a mimosa and a plate of bacon. Did I mention that we ate a lot of bacon on this trip?

See? Lots of bacon. (That's in pesos and kg.)

We spent the whole day rotating around the umbrella. Mom and dad in the shade, me in the sun.

Then it was time to get ready for the Fiesta! Every week the resort has a fiesta with a Mexican buffet, free liquor and different dancers.

I basically felt like I was on vaca by myself so I have a lot of self portraits.

I sipped my wine out of this fun little ceramic cup.

Fiesta nights are fun. When you walk in they lei you with a ceramic shot glass and make you take a shot of tequila. Now that's the way to get a party started!


Day 6 we spent on the Malecon (board walk) in Puerto Vallarta. I had no idea that Puerto was so artsy. Take a look at all the fun pieces we came across.

We stopped and had lunch at a place my parents really enjoyed going to called Oscars.

View from our table.

View into Oscar's.

Walking through Puerto Vallarta

We finished our day in Puerto Vallarta with a margarita on the beach. This was my new hat I got for 60 pesos ($6) and I love it.

We had dinner reservations at the neighboring resort called La Estancia. We've done dinner there before when we were in Cabo and really enjoyed the food. We strolled over while watching the sun set and were sat at a table set for two, not three. We waited for 10 minutes before someone came to give us water and a drink menu, then proceeded to wait another 20 minutes until my dad had to go ask for a server. When we finally got someone to take our order, the bottle of wine we wanted, they didn't have. It was the third strike so we walked out. That 5 star restaurant was anything but.

It was a blessing in disguise.We got a recommendation to check out Sanora Al Sur. Sanora is the state in Mexico where the best beef comes from. Check this out.

This is the menu you order from.

First, you pick what kind of meat you want

And the butcher cuts you exactly what you want.

You pick your sides (we did salad, baked potato and grilled onion)

While you wait for your meal to come they give you a bean soup that was like baked beans in a clear broth, and homemade chips and salsa. 

They just started to serve beer and wine. They still allow you to bring your own wine.

The giant onion my parents shared

 The ginormous potato that me and my parents shared three ways. It was so delicious.

 The cooks

Sanora Al Sur. It's almost entirely outside.

 If you find yourself in Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta and you want an amazing steak, please go to Sanora Al Sur. You won't regret it. 

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