Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation Part 4 and a 5 miler

On the fourth day of our vacation it was St. Patrick's Day! I started the morning with an outdoor run, which was hard!

As I mentioned before, this place is humid! I've been running indoors in MN because it's been too cold to run outside at this point. I thought hitting the pavement before 8:00 AM wouldn't be so bad. It was a little chilly, but once that sun came up a bit more it was brutally hot and humid. The scenery helped forget about the struggle to breath though. So did these little guys.

They're like the Mexican version of a raccoon. I can't remember what they called them, but that's how our cab driver described it to us.

The hotel zone in Nuevo Vallarta is very safe and is gated on either end. It's a two mile stretch of hotels so I just went down and back and felt super safe the whole time. There were a lot of other people walking/running/biking so I never felt like I was in danger running by my self.

Since we were 'sunned' out we decided to go in to Bucerias to check out the Shamrock's St. Patty's Day party.

They had tents lined up on the street with tables/food/drinks and a stage that had live music all day long.
They had everything from Caribbean drum lines, to a Canadian band and lots of dancing.

We wanted to catch the sun set on the beach so we walked around and checked out a few different restaurants before deciding on going to El Chivero.

The food was not that great, as we've been finding out with most beach restaurants. But there was plenty of dogs to keep us entertained while watching the sun set.

This was just a random stray beach dog. She was soo sweat and I couldn't resist giving her some of my fajitas.

The sunsets were so pretty. The next time I go to Nuevo/Puerto I want to have dinner on the other side of the peninsula to really see the sun set.

After dinner mom and I split ways with dad. He went back to the Shamrock while mom and I went back to Sandrina's to buy some glassware and have some dessert. Even though we were there the night before I still couldn't get the thought of their apple crisp out of my mind so I offered to share dessert and wine with my mom.

I'll never get tired of this secret garden in the middle of a small Mexican town.


I had plans to go home from work last night and do nothing except pour myself a glass of wine. Then a certain someone reminded me that I have a 5 miler to complete. So I started the oven and put in my baked potato and let that cook while I got in my 5 miles on the treadmill.

I felt good, and just had a little pain in my knee from my fall the night before.

I'm a month away from my 1/2 marathon and doubt is starting to set in. I feel like vacation kind of derailed my training even though I got in some runs and moved around more there than I would had I spent that week at home. I need to mentally get back in to training mode.

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