Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vacation Part 2.

This vacation was all about relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, and we did just that. 

On our first full day we started with breakfast and mimosas on the balcony. We bought an insane amount of bacon so we enjoyed a lot of that in the mornings.

We even had a visitor on the palm tree next to us.

My mom was pretty disappointed when she woke up one morning and he was gone.

After breakfast we all headed down to the beach for some sun, sand and water.

Dad picked up this beer at Mega so we had to start with that until the bar opened at the resort.

My dad is king of cheap beers but he didn't like this one. I was surprised.

At noon every day they have happy hour which is 2-4-1's on beer and margaritas. We took full advantage of this and before I knew it I was not remembering half of what happened. 

We made reservations for the Italian restaurant at the resort for dinner and I made it all of 5 minutes. I apparently excused myself and went up to the room where I ordered room service. My mom came in to make sure I was ok and found my food still on the tray on my bed, hadn't been touched and I was fully clothed passed out in my bed.

Ya know, when you're young and on vacation, you have to go hard at least once, and that's as hard as I was able to go.

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  1. At least you excused yourself. The beach in the photos looks warm and inviting - unlike the view out my window currently.