Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Stuff (Creative, eh?)

It's finally Friday! 

I've been going through the last two days thinking it was the next day. Even when I got home last night, I sat down with my dinner and a bottle of wine and got caught up on some shows thinking I could stay up all night because it's Friday! At 10:30 when I started another episode of Pretty Little Liars it hit me that it was only Thursday and I had to go to bed or I'd regret it the next day.

Drunk octopus at Kierans
Then that brings us to 'the next day'. Thank the delivery gods for saving my butt and my job. That's all I can say. I don't think this was really job threatening, but it's been the biggest screw up that happened to me even though it was out of my control. Thank god it's Friday and I can go drown my stress in wine and beer tonight.

Pigeon joining me at lunch 22 stories up
I started packing last night and I'm so excited and ready for this vacation. I went swim suit shopping a couple weeks ago and I said it was the first time in about five years that I actually felt good in a swim suit. Well, when I pack, I try everything on first, put outfits together, etc. I tried on my suits, new and old, and old ones that feel new because I felt fat in them and never wore. I literally did happy dances all over my room when I tried them on because I finally feel comfortable and happy with how I look.

I'm in the pink. We had a lot of style back then
Here's a random fact, since this is a random, nothing will go together post. Everything tastes better with bacon. I made some bacon the other night because it had been in my fridge for too long and it was either cook it or toss it time. So I cooked it up and threw it in a salad and it was the best salad I've ever had. I'll never put bacon bits on a salad again. Ok, that's a lie. I will, but real bacon is awesome. I once considered not being friends with people who didn't like bacon, because those people are crazy. Bacon and hugs and wine, all help make the world a better place.

That's all I have for you today. Sorry it's lame. And really random. My days have been lame and random lately so why not my posts.

Have a great weekend ya'll. I have a 7 mile run planned for this weekend and so long as my hammy keeps feeling better, I'll be tackling it outside in the balmy 35 degrees we are scheduled for this weekend! Woohoo!

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