Thursday, February 28, 2013

When a hammy brings you down

What's up my lady readers?

I went to one of my favorite classes, Body Works + Abs, last night with plans to run my scheduled 4 mile training run after. That did not happen. Body Works + Abs is a ton of lunges with bicep curls or squats with hammer curls, and tricep dips, and planks and side lunges...well, you get the picture, there are a lot of squats and lunges. 

Somewhere in the second half of the class on what was probably my 1,000,000 lunge, I pulled my hamstring. It hurt, bad. I could barely do another lunge, or stretch, to find out later, when you pull a muscle, don't stretch it. Or put heat on it.Luckily the hot tub was drained when I got home because that's the first thing I wanted to do.

I tried to run, but then after .3 miles I gave up, felt defeated, and started the oven so I could stuff my face with a 630 calorie chicken pot pie.

To make myself not feel so guilty about not being able to run and eating said pot pie, I also made a big 'ol juice. 

I'm not sure what it was, but this was one of my favorites! I'm thinking it was the order that I juiced everything because sometimes it can taste grainy, but this one was pretty smooth and actually delicious. I juiced the beet and leaves (kale & spinach) first, followed by carrots, apples, celery, cucumber.

It was basically the same recipe as yesterdays only without the green pepper and I added 4 carrots instead of 2.

I've also been making the same juice in the morning, but today's is extra black berry. Why? Because I juiced them first so the carrot, celery and apple were able to help pull the rest of the juice through.  I tell ya, there is nothing better than fresh apple/orange juice in the morning...besides a mimosa.


Big news around these parts. I opened up the Star Trib this morning to find out MN's hometown  boy Mr. Joe Mauer is having TWINS! Cute yes, cause he plays for the TWINS. 

Let's just hope this doesn't mean he makes up more injuries and can actually play well this year. After all, he is make $23 MILLION a year until 2018.

The guy can have his studly moments. I think it's just the uniform though.

I hope his kids come out with sideburns. 


In two, TWO weeks from right now, this is where I'll be!

60 min Body Works + Abs


  1. SORRY about your poor hamstring!! :-( OUCH!! Hope you get all healed up soon.

    And HOW cute is the news about Joe's TWINS?? Adorable.

  2. What juicer do you use? I'm looking into getting one soon!

    1. I have a Jack Lalaine juicer. I think it was around $90 so it's reasonable in price. It's my first one and I really like it.