Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Review

I continued to dog sit at my parents this weekend while my dad headed up to the cabin and my mom had a sleepover with her sisters. Isn't it fun to know that when you're in your 50's it's still ok to have sleepovers?!

I watched the movie Perfect Pitch which I absolutely loved. 

I loved it so much I made my mom watch it with me again on Saturday.

Saturday was a doozey. I was feeling all confident and ready to tackle my 5 mile long run, but the thought of doing that on a treadmill was making me think I should just stay in my pajamas a little longer. 

I bucked up and got all bundled up though and headed outside for a run.

The first mile was great. And then the trails disappeared and I was left with packed snow.

That's when I called it a day and went home. I ran one mile on the packed snow, realized the paths were going to remain this way, so I turned around and went home. Total of four miles, so at least I attempted it.

The rest of Saturday was spent at a baby shower for my cousin. Sadly, no pictures were taken. It was a great shower though.

I spent Saturday night hanging out with my mom and went home early Sunday morning, to try and beat this 'storm' that we had. It's really fun to drive while it's icing outside. What's icing you ask? Well, it's not quite rain, not quite hail, just little ice pellets attacking you and they hurt, and make walking really easy.

I hunkered down in my apartment and watched the ice turn into giant snow flakes.

I did a lip mask. Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Mary Kay ladies. My lips are smooth as butta!

Yeah, luckily I was home alone so no one had to witness that beautiful mess.

Then I gave myself a manicure.

Valentine style. I don't really have a Valentine this year, so I'll probably treat myself to a homemade steak and a bottle of champagne or something. We shall see.

How was your weekend?

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