Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Review!

If I had to write out my perfect weekend, it would be exactly how this past weekend went down. Perfect mixture of friends, family, fun and relaxing.

Let's start with Friday, shall we? I got home from work and hit up the treadmill in my building for a three mile run. This was the best three mile run I've done in, pretty much, forever! I was steady and strong at 8:57 min mile for three miles. I felt like a rockstar so I treated myself with a dip in the hot tub and some wine!

I watched the movie Trouble with the Curve and surprisingly really liked it.

Saturday morning I had brunch with my Meetup group and it went really well. I guess I didn't do the best job planning the time and location since the Loppet was going on that day and the finish was right infront of Calhoun Square.

We went to Prime Bar and they have $5 mimosa carafes! Can't go wrong with that deal. The food was a lot better then I was expecting and the service was great for it being a somewhat busy day and for having a large group. I'd definitely go there again.

After brunch I had to shop off my mimosa at the new two story H&M in Calhoun Square. Luckily I had just received a 30% off any item coupon in my email I was able to use.

I got this sweater that reminds me of funfetti on the front and the back is longer and white sheer. Business in the front, party in the back. The mullet of sweaters.

My friend Bridgett came over later in the day to hang out and drink wine. I love nights in with girlfriends and wine!

I wrapped up the weekend with a fun eye appointment and a Cost-co trip with my mom. I haven't had my eyes dilated in years, so it was interesting filling out forms and trying to read anything.

I'm dog sitting at my parents for the next couple days while they are on a business trip in ATL. The best thing about it is waking up to this snuggle bug every morning!

Right before my alarm goes off she buries herself under the covers. It makes it so hard to get up!

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