Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Hang Over

Hi blog world. I'm not going to sugar coat anything for ya. I got lost in a giant bottle of bubbly, followed by some chocolate wine and today is a giant struggle.

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!

Yesterday was the big V day. I celebrated my love for myself and my friends.

I met a couple girls in UpTown for spin class and had plans to go to a 'dive' bar for beers after.

We went to this 'dive' bar, which is actually super trendy so this whole 'hipster', 'dive' bar act has to go. We ordered our $2.50 mystery beers and then they turned one of the girls away because she only had her US passport because her wallet was stolen and didn't have her license. Well folks of Minneapolis, Liquor Lyle's does not take US passports, but don't you worry international travelers who want a chance of sipping $2.50 mystery beers with Mr. Josh Hartnett, they do take international passports.

You're Welcome
We packed up our sweaty selves and walked over to Rye Delicatessen since it was the next closest establishment that served alcohol and food. Apparently it's a Jewish restaurant. Who knew? We met a couple other folks and had dinner and drinks. The food was really good. I had the pot pie. You could taste that everything was fresh and homemade.

I thought I was being a good, smart adult by only having a couple glasses of wine and heading home before my car turned into a pumpkin. 

Then the night gets a little fuzzy.

I get home and my roommate and her boyfriend are enjoying a giant bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and then they pour me a glass of champagne, and then another, and another.

Then Brandon was proud of himself because he bought me a bottle of wine and made me a card. It was chocolate wine people. Amazing stuff. So we had to open it to taste it. Then we had to finish the bottle because once the cork comes out you have to throw it away because you have no intention of using it again.

Then someone started talking about the hot tub, so we all ended up there. It was close to 3 AM before I finally found my bed. Ouch!

My phone decided it had been up too late and needed to sleep in and not set off my alarm which led me to sleep in until 8:30. I missed all the buses from my neighborhood, I don't think my outfit matches, I didn't put on any make up, I'm still not sure if I have my contacts in or not, my hair smells of chlorine and someone even asked if I was sick. So, yeah, I'm looking really awesome today. 

Somehow I made it to work by 9:00. My head is spinning and I just want to take a nap.


1 hr spin class


  1. Haha sounds like a pretty great VDay! Josh kinda disappeared. I knew he was from Minn. did he move back?

    1. Yeah, he's totally disappeared. He keeps a house here and rumor has it, was working at a local restaurant 'for something to do', until it closed. But he comes back every now and again.

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