Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pretty don't hide crazy

At this point I don't even think Tierra's mom would agree that she isn't crazy. Holy moly the girl has some serious issues and quite frankly she just scares me.

Even her scary, viagra popping eyebrow has it's own Twitter account! I wish the producers or Chris Harrison could intervene and be like...

"Hey, Sean, buddy, Tierra? She's muy loco! You need to take back that rose if you ever want to find your wife here and have this experience actually work for you."

But she's the drama. Without Tierra, where would the drama come from?

Oh, you know what? I'll bet if Tierra ever came across this little blog, she'd so think I'm jealous of her because I'm talking about her. Well, fact is, she is pretty, but besides that, I just feel sorry for her that she feels she always has to play the victim.

I'm still team Des all the way! I think she is super cute and her personality is awesome!

However, Lindsey in the wedding dress is a close second. I'm glad Sean kept her around even though she got a little cray herself the first night. 

I just really wish someone would have given Sean a solid reason why Tierra isn't there for the right reasons. Like saying she can go get engaged whenever she wants, and that any guy would have her. Well, that sounds to me like she just wants to get engaged, it doesn't matter if it's to Sean or not.


I finally got in my week 1 long run. 4 miles. Boom.

37 Days till Nuevo Vallarta!

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