Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Juicing Rocks My Socks Off

For any of you that were around at the beginning of the year, I tried to take on something that I wasn't quite prepared for. Well, not mentally prepared. A juice cleanse.

I had watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and loved it, so I made my mom watch it and I talked about it to anyone that would listen to me.

I'm a MidWest girl, I love my meat and potatoes, but sadly, you can't juice those. I struggled big time because I set my goal too high for a first time juice cleanse.

In preparation for my upcoming trip, I'm going to do a short 3 day juice reboot. The only difference is that I'll be eating a very healthy lunch vs. juicing for lunch, for a couple of reasons:

1. When I'm working out, I really need meat. I need more than just liquid, especially while I'm training for my half marathon.

2. Just subbing one juice with a healthy meal actually makes a difference to your bank account. Juicing isn't cheap, but buying a head of lettuce and a pack of chicken breasts, is cheaper than all those veggies.

Starting today, breakfast and dinner will be juice and lunch will be a large salad with meat.

I'll share my different juice recipes, because some of them are very tasty. Especially breakfast when you can add more fruit than veggies.

I stocked up with the necessities at the grocery store.

Carrots, apples, kale, spinach, tomatoes, celery, lemon, cucumbers, blue berries, romaine lettuce, and baby beets. This should hopefully get me through three days, six juices.

For breakfast I love apple juice and orange juice, but apple is so much easier because you don't have to sit and peel them like oranges. Just cut them up so they can fit in your juicer!

This morning's juice, two carrots, three celery stalks, two granny smith apples and a small handful of blue berries. It's pretty delicious!

On to the important stuff.

Hello stone cold AshLee! Woah! I really thought that the final two would be AshLee and Lindsey.

One thing I say when girls get eliminated, especially at the end is you can always tell how they'll handle conflict, or when something doesn't go their way. Well miss sweet, sensitive, soft spoken AshLee, turns in to a cold biach. I thought Sean was going to turn to ice when she looked at him.

Thankfully, the Thailand heat saved him and he did not turn to ice.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just got a juicer but havent started using it yet, cant wait to see your recipes!

  2. I want to try juicing....but I have a feeling my taste buds won't be a fan.

  3. After seeing her reaction, I was happy that he sent her home this week instead of next... Also, good for you for juicing. I view Kale as an enemy and we can't seem to get past that.

  4. I am came across that Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie earlier this year, too, and have started juicing because of it. Like you mentioned, it's hard to stick strictly to just juice for 3 meals but even switching it out for breakfast and/or dinner and then eating a healthy lunch has helped me to lose 5 lbs. I love that you are sharing your recipes, I'm so plan jane, so I'll definitely have to try these!

    I was bummed AshLee turned into a crazy at the Women Tell All - she gave this single, 32 year old, Texan hope we could still nag a younger hottie! Haha!! :)