Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Lovin

There's a couple things I'm absolutely loving lately.

Let's start with music!

Joan Armatrading - Love & Affection You have to give it more than a minute but then BAM! You're instantly in love with the song and don't want it to end.

Walk Off The Earth - Everything! If you have some time to putz around on YouTube, check them out. My favorites are, Red Hands, Trouble and Pay Phone

Source - Cute, no?
I was in the market for some new make-up because my face was starting to feel very oily and break out from the foundation I had been using for close to a year now. I had heard good things about BB Creams, but since I practically get paid in peanuts, I had to choose an affordable product that did the job.

I love it. I've been using this BB Cream for about a month now. It covers well, yet is light on my skin. I was a little thrown off at first because it's a lot more runny than a foundation, but it definitely does its job.

Skin Care
A while back I was chosen to try some skin care products as a product tester for SELF magazine. I got these toners, lotions, etc in the mail and I use them daily after washing my face and I've never had such baby smooth skin before in my life!

Start with the Bioelements VitaMineral C Complex, then the Target brand face lotion, followed by the WEIL  for Origins skin toning serum finishing with Repechage Brightening skin correcting serum. All awesome products and after putting 4 different lotions/serums on my face, it never feels heavy, cakey, oily or like I want to take an ice scraper to my face.

Good Read
I just picked up this brick.

And quite frankly, I can't put it down. 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. A-town, yup just gave you a nickname and I don't even know you. I was browing Target last night and almost picked up that book. Now that you and Kelly are reading it, I am joing the Gone Girl Posse' - mayeb us MN girls need a book club?! ohhh....idea!

    1. MN Blogger book club is a great idea! I'll bring the wine :)

  2. Hey lady. Found you on the weekend update blog link-up (only a couple of days late). I got a sample of that BB cream and I can't wait to try it. :)

    Excited to read more.