Friday, February 22, 2013

Foster dogs are as cool as frozen yogurt

Not much has been going on this week so I figured I'd spare you the click of coming here and seeing that I have nothing to say, until now. Here's what I've been doing.

This is Tiffany  Lela, her name is Lela now, but I think I'm pronouncing it wrong, like Layla, so my cousin might have to do some damage control.

She is a foster dog that my cousin recently got and is thinking about adopting. She is the most gentle little nugget ever, especially coming as a foster pup.

I've been watching her for the week and I can't guarantee that Molly is going to get her back. All she wants is to follow you around, lay on/near you and occasionally give little kisses. If your hand is anywhere near her and isn't occupied, you better believe she'll nudge her little noggin under your hand and let you know she wants to be pet {petted?}.

I took her for a walk around the block last night and everyone loved her, guys, gals, kids, everyone! And she loved them all back, she just wanted to play with the kids. There is a YMCA across the street and so many kids she just can't contain herself! But the best part is, she rarely barks, or makes any noise for that matter.

The sales and marketing department at my office let me go with them on a field trip through the skyway to (yo)gurt lab today. Hello! I wish that I had tried this stuff before. Well, sort of. I feel I might become addicted now. There are so many choices!

I walk by this place several times a week, pourposly avoiding it because I love frozen yogurt, it just doesn't love me. I got three different kinds of yogurt, birthday cake, salted peanut and salted caramel with fresh strawberries, gummy bears, kit kats, butterfinger, mini chocolate chips, reeses pieces, whipped cream and graham cracker shavings. Holy moly folks! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. what a cute little pooch!!!! When I need a dog sitter - I am calling you! Really. I also love the yogurt lab!!!!