Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor Recap - Hometown Dates

What did ya'll {yes, I can say ya'll, I used to live in Oklahoma} think of last nights Bachelor?

I usually get rather bored on the hometown dates and they make me squirm because it's so awkward for a new bf to meet your parents for the first time. Let alone one that your parents know is dating three other girls and they most likely will never see him again.

I really like AshLee, but I think she might be too boring for Sean. She cries in every episode and I'm starting to feel think this is just a big therapy session for her with all these breakthroughs.

However, I think where they come from as far as their religious views is very similar considering both their fathers are Ministers/Pastors {is there a difference? I grew up with Priests/Fathers} so I think that plays very well in her favor.

Poor poor Catherine. Their date at the Pikes Place Market looked so fun and carefree. I've been so-so about Catherine. She's cute and bubbly but never did much for me. Guess it's a good thing I'm not the bachelor eh?

Her sisters made it hard to believe that she is ready to settle down with someone. As someone with two sisters, I'm learning to listen to what they have to say about a guy I'm with. They probably know Catherine enough to say that this just isn't the time for her, that she has so many other things that she'd like to accomplish before getting married. Not to say you can't do that while married.

Lindsey, oh Lindsey, you are now my #1. Lindsey and Sean are so cute together and it's fun to see them just have fun, but also be romantic and serious all in one date.

Getting Sean Army ready was hilarious! I loved how she just kept smacking his butt. I was relieved at how the General wasn't your typical General stereotype and that he did indeed give Sean his blessing if he were to pick Lindsey in the end. Seriously, I gushed the whole time they were on their date. It just seemed natural and perfect.

On to Des. I really, really wish her brother wasn't such a dick! Seeing that, she's going to have a hard time dating, well, probably not, but who would want to be around a guy like that!?

I loved the prank she pulled on Sean and how he was all ready to protect her. That was just one reason why I really thought they would be a good match. But when you marry someone, you marry their family too. 

Sadly Des had to go all thanks to her brother. I truly believe if he wasn't such a prick, she'd be the top runner for sure.

Who's your number one? I'm officially team Lindsay all the way!

I'm dog sitting starting today and there isn't any cable or even basic cable, so I'm hoping the gym will have the Bachelor on and I can watch Sean Tell All while getting in my run tonight.


  1. OMG!! I wanted to SMACK Des's brother in the face. I was hoping she'd be the lucky one in the end, but her brother totally ruined it for her...and (I could be wrong) but I don't think she ever told Sean she loved him...so, I think that was weighing on him, too.

    I don't see a lifelong relationship with him and Cathrine. I see them more as friends.

    So, that leaves AshLee and Lindsey - and I would be happy if he ended up with either of them.

  2. I was SO mad at Des's brother, I can't believe he did that! I can imagine it would take Des a LONG time to get over that one! I totally agree about Catherine, she is nice and funny- but I don't really see much else. I love AshLee, but I agree about this turning into a giant therapy session. I guess I'm happy with either AshLee or Lindsey though. My big questions is WHO will they pick to be the next bachelorette?? Maybe Des- but her brother would be a problem again!