Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Review - On a Tuesday

I spent the weekend up at the cabin in Northern, WI with some friends and family. I love spending winter weekends up there. It's so pretty all covered in snow.

When we got up on Friday we ate dinner, caught up with everyone, and had some drinks until the neighbors called us over to have a fire. Yup, it was probably 10 degrees out and we had a fire. Outside. At night. In January. In Wisconsin. It's what we do. 

My parents had taken down all the wood paneling in the cabin so we had a ton of dry wood that took to fire like white on rice.

We basically did the same thing on Saturday. 

I enjoy cooking when I'm up there, especially since my mom offers to do the dishes for me! I made everyone bacon (mom did the eggs), we had mimosas and got our lunch/snack started in the crock pot. BBQ Meatballs! Then I prepped dinner, chicken & broccoli casserole. Us Minnesotans love our casseroles!

We had a big fire going for most of the day. Again, outside. The weather started out decent, then the wind picked up and we said 'skrew this!' So everyone went to their respected cabins, ate dinner, and all reconvened at the neighbors for a rowdy game of Catchphrase! 

A lot of beer was consumed this night. When we are in WI we only drink the classiest of beers. Busch Light all the way! It's kind of become the designated cabin beer. Probably because you can get a 30 pack for $15.

Always have to wear the sunnies. You never know who might be trying to snap a pic.

When we headed home on Sunday we got caught in a pretty gnarly snow storm. It started with rain/ice and later turned into huge flakes of snow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon bumming on the couch, watching the snow come down and started season one of Sons of Anarchy. Good show if you haven't seen it yet.

Forgive me if I miss a day of blogging here and there in the next two weeks. Things are getting a little busy and I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to fit everything in, but I'll make it work.

Happy Tuesday

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  1. You are badass to be able to haver a bonfire at night in 10 degree weather. I've never been in 10 degree weather but I think I'd die haha!

    Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for linking up. Happy to have you for Weekend Update. I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Thanks for following! I love the link-up!