Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursday!

There's nothing wrong with already thinking about that ice cold hard cider I'm going to be sipping on at happy hour tonight is there?

It's been a long week and I'm ready to get out and socialize with peeps other than at the gym.

Last night was like every other. I hauled ass home from the bus, that was of course running late. I rushed past the roomie who I'm sure thought I totally blew her off, and headed back out the door to get to Body Works + Abs. I tried this class last week at a different location, different instructor. This girl though? She rocked! She was bubbly, up beat, kept us moving the entire time, and had some good tunes. I think I'll definitely be making this class on a regular basis. Assuming my bus won't never, ever, ever, be late again.

I followed the Body Works class with a three mile run. Lucky runners me I didn't have to stalk anyone on the treadmills and got one right after class. I busted out three miles and they felt ok.

I loved wearing my ProCompression socks. I felt like they actually made my run easier. Is that possible? Plus, who doesn't love purple compression socks with a neon pink top? Yeah, couldn't miss me!

So, on the bus ride home last night I heard these two people talking about their weddings/engagements and I was pretty surprised at what they were saying.

One guy, one girl, both friends, low/mid 20-ish.

Girl was talking about how she had just picked their wedding date. It'll be their 2nd anniversary. She doesn't have a ring, and the guy doesn't want to get her a ring for the wedding either because they are looking at buying a house before they get married.

Guy mentioned how him and his lady have their honeymoon planned and booked, but no wedding date or location set yet. They are engaged, but he hasn't actually proposed yet. She picked out a ring, he went and put it on lay-away (the smartest thing I had heard this whole ride). He isn't going to give her the ring until it is paid off.

So, am I just completely out of it? Do people not actually get proposed to with a fancy dinner, carriage ride through the city, rose petals leading you to your honey on bended knee with a bottle of champagne chilling next to him. Or, doing what you love? Eating your traditional Wednesday night Chinese over CSI and you open your fortune cookie and there's a sparkly little engagement ring inside with a fortune that says 'Will You Marry Me'?

Do people really plan weddings before getting engaged? Skip the ring so you can buy a house? Focus on the honeymoon and not the actual wedding itself?

I like to think I'm a traditional gal. Date a guy for a couple years, spend a year planning the wedding, after getting engaged, of course. Buy a house, then head down the baby making train. In that order. I guess we'll see where this road takes me. I'm pretty darn single right now. Not a man on the horizon.


  1. To answer your questions: Do people really plan weddings before getting engaged? Skip the ring so you can buy a house? Focus on the honeymoon and not the actual wedding itself?

    Yes, yes, yes. :) In this day and age, with the economy, variety of family-makeup, age at which people get married increasing, economy, housing market, cohabitation, etc - it makes sense to be a little non-traditional and weigh all the options. I think it's a good thing actually - seems like people are focusing more on preparing for marriage/life after, and not just a ring and a wedding.

    1. I definitely don't think one way ir or right or wrong, I was surprised to hear this. It does seem like more people focus on the future/life after marriage. My thought, life is too short, goes too quick. Enjoy the big life moments!

  2. I'm with you. It's kind of weird to have all that figured out. The ring doesn't have to be massive, but I think it should exist before you dive in head first.

    1. A simple small ring would be fine. But my jaw dropped when she said they are foregoing her engagement AND wedding rings to buy a house!

  3. that is a tough one to say. i think people do it but i am kinda a more traditional girl. but you know whatever works! that class you went to sounds great.! I am always looking fore more options!

    1. The class was really awesome! I go to LA Fitness and this class was by far my favorite.