Thursday, January 17, 2013

Panera does it right...most of the time

A couple weeks ago I went to Panera for lunch. It was a really quiet lunch hour because it was a holiday week. I ordered my You Pick Two and headed over to the pickup counter. 

I patiently waited for my lunch when the pager went off for the girl behind me. I thought that was strange since I had been there longer. She grabbed the bag of food, walked away, and returned a couple minutes later stating that that was not her order. So they paged me. 

They didn't check to make sure it was my order, or that the girl didn't open the sandwich. I grabbed the bag, looked inside and noticed the sandwich had been opened. When I asked the lady behind the counter if they could remake the sandwich, she questioned me. Saying 'that girl didn't touch the sandwich'. How she could know this from behind the counter? I then asked again if they could just remake it because I didn't want to take that chance and the wrapper had been opened.

Now, you would think, common sense, that they would have just remade the sandwich, no questions asked. But it took another asking.

I worked at Panera when I was 15, it was my first job. They hired me because I wasn't going to prom. Well, Sophomores couldn't go unless they were asked by an upper classman, so there. I know in the restaurant industry, the customer is always right. And for health reasons, once the food has left and is in the hands of someone else, once it comes back, it gets remade. You don't re-serve it.

It's like going to a restaurant. Ordering a steak medium and it comes out well done. You want what you are paying for so you ask for the steak to be redone to your liking. The chefs don't hold on to that well done steak and serve it to the next person who orders it. No, they throw it away and make a fresh one.

When I returned to my office to eat my lunch, I was steaming when I found out they had made the wrong sandwich and gave me the wrong soup. So, clearly I had gotten someone else's order. 

I sent an email to Panera's customer service explaining my disappointment in the service and the fact that I had to ask several times for my order to be remade, just to get the wrong order in the end.

After a week went by I considered it a lost cause because I never heard anything. Until last week! I got a nice, personal email from Panera and they sent me a gift card!

I went to Panera for lunch today, on them, and had a delicious lunch of exactly what I ordered!

I had a nice cup of soup and a sandwich, and I needed that soup! Check out the weekly forecast.

I'm certain it's not legal to call a negative number a 'high'. Brr!

My plans fell through for tonight. I'm pretty certain I'm headed straight to cray cray town because I'm planning on doing an hour Spin class followed by an hour Body Works + Abs class. Hopefully this will help make up for the ice cream, nacho cheese and wine I had last night!

Have a great Friday Eve!

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