Friday, January 25, 2013

Listen to your horoscope!

Every day I get my horoscope emailed to me. Most of the time it is so off I wonder if I was really born in August. Virgo's are organized, driven individuals with outgoing personalities.

I'm organized, sure. Like once a month when I can't find a shoe and I have to clean the whole apartment to find it.

Driven? Yup, when I need to find that shoe!

Outgoing? Put me in a room with my closest friends and family and a couple bottles of wine, I'll be the most outgoing person you've ever seen! I'll have everyone laughing they'll be crying! True, I can really make people laugh!!

This week though my horoscope has been spot on. Today it said:

"You've got to get out in the world - unless your home is filled with people! In one way or another, your energy demands company, so it may be time for you to throw a party - or crash one!"

Lucky for me and my horoscope, I'm heading up to the cabin this afternoon to crash join our neighbors in an ice fishing extravaganza!! Basically the weekend will consist of drinking copious amounts of Bush Light, tossing the cat fish/dog fish on to the ice and watching the eagles snatch them up, and most likely having a ridiculously large bon fire.

We're lucking out with the weather. The ridiculous negative temps are hitting the road and the nice, warm and toasty teens are coming in!

Do you read your horoscope every day?

Do you think it's accurate?

48 Days To Nuevo Vallarta!!

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  1. BAHAHA! How you described how your horoscope is "accurate" for you was hilarious! I'm the same way- my horoscope doesn't line up for me at all but that doesn't keep me from totally loving reading my horoscope. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)