Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Juice Reboot Day 1 & Weekend Recap

Happy New Year! 

I hope your first day of 2013 was amazing!  Bare with me, this could be a long post with the long holiday weekend and my first day of juicing.

First, juicing. I realized today, it's going to be one of the hardest things I've done in a long time, but I know the outcome will be well worth it. Now, as I mentioned, this reboot will be in three parts. Today, I was still able to eat solid foods, but raw foods.

My first juice was 2 Granny Smith apples, 2 carrots, and two celery stalk. It was really quite delicious. For lunch I had a good size salad with some fresh blueberries, slivered almonds and a balsamic vinaigrette.  In between meals, I would snack on raw almonds and water.

Here was dinner. I don't mind the taste of tomatoes but I can't stand the smell of them. I'm going to have to get some straws because I would have enjoyed this drink if I didn't have to smell it.

At one point in the day I got so hungry so I guess I cheated a little. I had two organic hard boiled eggs. It was enough to tide me over until dinner. I so badly wanted to cook up some pasta, but I'm going to do this. For me. 29 days to go!

On to the weekend. Kari and I went up to the cabin on Friday. I got off work early, she picked me up and we started to head out of downtown, only to be stopped by a guy at a stop light who told us we had a flat tire. So after spending two hours at Firestone getting the tire fixed, we were finally on our way North!

Saturday started with mimosas and eggs and bacon, as every Saturday should be started. We helped Dad load up some wood he bought and then had to restack back at the cabino.

We pretended like we knew what we were doing with Uncle Dave's BB Guns.

We tested out our new snow shoes. Unfortunately there isn't much snow at the cabin but it was still fun to get out and walk on to the lake.

And we sat around the fire discussing who looked better in flannel (I got dad his flannel from Costco for Christmas).

Kari and I headed back to the cities bright and early Sunday morning and we met some friends at Lush for brunch and bottomless mimosas!

The food was good, but the fact that they just gave you a pitcher of mimosas was even better!

NYE wasn't on my radar this year, so Kari and I just went to dinner at BLVD before she went off to her plans. We have spent every NYE together except for when I lived in Sioux Falls. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been and that we could dress up and not look silly.  I also wanted my last meal to be a good one.

I had the filet with potatoes and bernaise sauce. The perfect last meal for me. Then I finished the night, at home, in my pajamas, with Netflix and a bottle of Lambrusco. I didn't even make it to midnight.

Do you have any juicing recipes you love?


  1. Looks like a FUN weekend!! My husband and I didn't last until even 11pm on NYE... Don't get me wrong, I like a good time but NYE is SO not our style. I prefer to just stay in and have a nice time together :-)

    LOVE the cabin pictures! And your SNOW SHOES?? So jealous; I want a pair for our weekends at our cabin too.

    Tell me about your juicing regiment! Are you not eating solid foods for a whole 30 days?

  2. It was the first time I had gone snow shoeing, but I think I'm hooked!!

    I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead a few months ago (on Netflix) and had been waiting to do a Juice Reboot. Basically for 5 days I prep my body to get used to not eating solid foods, but swaping some meals and snacks for juice then for 20 days it'll be strictly fresh juice for all meals and snacks.

  3. I love BLVD they have great food!