Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do the humpty hump

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday marked the official start of the Get in Gear 1/2 Marathon Training.

Yesterday you learned that when I tell myself to do/not do something, I immediately fail. So, since yesterday was the beginning of my 1/2 marathon training, I almost psyched myself out and wasn't going to get it done.

First, getting to the gym. It was a balmy -13 on my way home from work. I was literally on the verge of tears when I was walking home from the bus. I kept telling myself that it's too cold to go to the gym. I have a treadmill at home.

I also really wanted to go to spin class because I hadn't been in a few days, but the classes are at 5:30 or 6:45, well 6:45 just felt so late! I hustled home in hopes that I wouldn't lose a limb, quickly changed, and somehow made it to the gym by 5:30 for spin class.  I did not love this instructor. As soon as class started he announced that there was to be no talking because this is where people come to clear their minds and let loose. Well the damn guy didn't stop talking about how much he loves Cher and her new album and that she's coming here on tour. We get it, you love Cher. Now please be quiet and tell me when I can take the saddle again.
The whole class was Cher, Gaga and Donna Summers. Not my cup of tea and definitely doesn't get me in the mood to kick ass in spin class.

My second struggle was still actually running. After spin, all the treadmills were full, so I stood on a stair stepper and waited for one to open. Yup. I stood there, I did not step on the stepper. Just when I was about to give up and go home, a sweaty guy got off his treadmill. I patiently waited for him to go wipe it down...only he didn't. He did not wipe down all his sweat! Gross dude!

I got in my three miles, barely. I kept wanting to quit at mile two, or 2.5 or 2.85, but I did the full three in 28 minutes.
While I was running I saw this guy looking all stupid in the weights area. To give you an idea, the weights are on the 1st floor and the treadmills/bikes etc are on the second floor so we over look the weights. I soon realized I had gone on a Match date with this guy just a couple weeks ago. He said he'd call, but he never did. I sent him a text saying it was nice to meet him, he didn't respond.

All I have to say if, if you say you're going to call, call. If you're not interested, don't try and be polite, just say it was nice to meet you and to take care. Cause the next thing you know, you're going to be sweating together at the gym and you're going to feel like an ass.

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