Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ali Facts

I think I might really like these link ups! Makes coming up with something to write about a little easier.

Today I'm linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work.

The facts of Ali.

Fact: My name is Alison, one 'L'. Nickname is Ali, not Aly, Allie, Alley. Just A.L.I.

Fact: Growing up I was deathly shy. Even around family. Once I was comfortable though I would pounce and be your best bud.

Fact:  The second I'm determined to do something. I give up before I start. I have a 'no pop' sticker on my  computer and I've been drinking a Coke every day since I put the damn thing there. I'm working on this problem.

Fact: At 28 I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I think about going back to school, but I don't know what for. Meteorologist? Personal Trainer? Graphic Design? CSI? (<-- DREAM JOB!) Journalism?

Fact:  I've seriously considered unfriending anyone who doesn't eat bacon. Bacon makes the world go round. And hugs. Hugs and bacon make the world go round.

Fact: I highly dislike breakfast, but I adore brunch. When I can have a mimosa, a filet with bernaise sauce and hashbrowns and eggs for a meal, I feel complete!

Fact: I pick my wine by the picture on the label.

Fact: I have a tattoo. I forget about it most of the time. Yes, some  everyone would call it a 'tamp stamp', but there's real meaning behind it. Just ask.

Fact: I have to have a planner. Something to write in. I can't use a phone calendar. Information doesn't soak  in as fast as if I actually write something out on pen and paper.

Fact: When I was 18 I drove for 12 hours straight, through the night, on nothing but Mt. Dew and sugary treats, from Minneapolis to Bloomington, IN. I picked up my girlfriend who went to IU, and we continued down to Evansville, IN to hang out with some guys we met on our high school Sr. year Spring Break cruise! I secretly thought I'd marry that guy. We still talk every once in a while to this day. Oh those Southern boys.

Fact: I get anxiety going into a store I've never been in before. I feel like everyone is watching me and that I'm doing something wrong. Even if I'm just trying to find the cheese aisle.

Fact: My two favorite smells are gasoline and fresh cut grass.

Fact: I never got to meet my Grandpa (Dad's dad). Everyone said he would have spoiled us rotten. My dad looks exactly like him and I always imagine he would have been just as funny and caring as my dad. (Side Fact: Both of my Grandpa's names are Donald.)

Fact: Before I go out on a date, if I know the guys last name, I look up his criminal/traffic/petty, and civil/family record. Might sound crazy, but it's a free site by the state and has saved me from going on dates with guys who have drug/DUI issues, have been married and denied it, or who have had domestic restraining orders against them. One guy even was jailed for terroristic threats towards a police officer. Wow! I sure can pick em.

Hope you enjoyed those random facts about me!

Now, what did you think of The Bachelor last night? I'm still a big Dez fan, but there are some others that are starting to really shine through. I can't stand Tierra though. Who else thinks she didn't really fall down the stairs but just faked it for some attention from Sean? Yeah, good, me too. Witchy little thing.


  1. Another MN girl. Love it. Hope you're staying warm today!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only 20 something who has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up. I don't think you have to know, ever. The average person our age changes careers 7 times. I say you could be a meteorologist and later a journalist with a graphic design company on the side. Have your cake and eat it too!

  3. OMG. i'm drooling all over my desk after you mentioned breakfast cocktails and bacon. cheers lady.

  4. hahaah I grew up in Evansville! So funny :) I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either

  5. I am the same way about giving up right when I put my mind to something.. Like the day I tell myself I WILL make sure to eat ONLY the proper portions of food.. Ill have like 4 servings. Ugh.

  6. Just found you on the MN Bloggers site. This is a great post, how fun! I am also wondering if I know your dad... Hmmm...

    Great getting to know you a bit. Looking forward to getting to know you better.