Friday, January 18, 2013

13.1 What?

Holy moly we made it! It's FRIDAY!

I had been toying with the idea to run a half marathon for a couple of months now. The longest run I've done is a 10k, and that was back in October, part of the Twin Cities Marathon weekend. I felt awesome the whole way through and thought to myself that I could have probably kept running.

As the months went on, I would run 5-5.5 miles a couple times a week. The runs were becoming easier and my time was getting faster. So why not add another 8 miles on to those 5?? I am officially signed up for the Get In Gear 1/2 Marathon in April!!

I knew in my mind that if I waited any longer I would psych myself out and never register. So, starting Monday, I train! Have you ran a 1/2 Marathon before? How did you train?

I've read great things about Hal Higdon's Training Program. I'm going to use this as my starting point and see if any note worthy advice comes in along the way.

Last night I actually went to back-to-back classes. I started with an hour long spin class, followed by an hour long body works + abs class. I had never done the body works class before but I think I'd for sure go again. There were a ton of lunges, squats and arm work with weights. My arms are completely dead today. My legs were pretty shaky during the lunges part of the class, but I think that was because I had just come from spin where most of the class we were maxing out on our resistance.

My parents have a Costco membership so every once in a while I'll ask them to pick something up for me. I saw these little heads of romaine lettuce and couldn't wait to pack them for my lunches!

It's the perfect amount for my lunches and they are so cute!

Do you have any races you'll be running this Spring?

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  1. Hi! Jess here from the Right Fits. I followed Hal Higdon's program for all of my marathons before I joined the Calhoun Beach Running Club (Now I just follow the one our coach comes up with) and I think you'll have success with his program! Which half are you doing? I'm signed up for the Get Lucky half, but I know there's a lot of halfs out there in the spring. Good luck with your training!