Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It - Healthy Egg Salad!

I'm linking up with Katie over at Keep Calm & Carry On today for her Thursday Saw It, Pinned It, Did It!

I've been on a mission, on and off to try and eat healthy. Well we all know that mayo is not healthy, but I love it! Especially in a tuna or egg salad sandwich.

I scoured Pinterest for the perfect healthy egg salad sandwich and came across this gem.

It's super easy and very delicious!

4 Boiled Eggs (peeled)
Yeah, yeah, I can count, there's 6 eggs there. I like hard boiled eggs.

1/2 Avocado

Dijon Mustard (I used mustart seeds since it's all I had)

Seasoning for taste. I just added some garlic salt and dill. No egg salad is complete without dill.

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and eat as is, on a bed of lettuce or a sandwich thin like I did!

I have to say, I didn't miss the mayo one bit!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training: Week 2

For my 1/2 Marathon Training I picked a 12 week Hal Higdon program. However, I have 14 weeks until the race.

Week one didn't quite go as planned. I only ran 2 out of 4 designated run days. So it's a good thing I have the room to do week 1 twice so it'll look a little something like this.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Spin & 3 mile run
Wednesday - Body Works + Abs & 3 mile run
Thursday - Off
Friday - 3 mile run
Saturday - Spin
Sunday - 4 mile run (long run) & Class (TBD)

I have this all written down. In pen. On two different calendars. My desk calendar at work, and my personal planner I carry with me everywhere. So there is no excuse to not get these runs and workouts in.

Throughout my different attempts at running, I've always used Nike+, whether it be a Nike watch, Nike iPad app, or Nike phone app. I feel like every time I run I'm having to re-calibrate and it's not tracking my time/distance as well as I'm hoping another device will.

I hear great things about Garmin, but what do you use?

Yesterday was National Vitamin Day!

Did you take your vitamins?

I've been taking these every day for about a year now. Nature Made is my favorite mainly because there is usually a deal where if you buy one you get a second free or half off. I love me a good BOGO deal!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Review - On a Tuesday

I spent the weekend up at the cabin in Northern, WI with some friends and family. I love spending winter weekends up there. It's so pretty all covered in snow.

When we got up on Friday we ate dinner, caught up with everyone, and had some drinks until the neighbors called us over to have a fire. Yup, it was probably 10 degrees out and we had a fire. Outside. At night. In January. In Wisconsin. It's what we do. 

My parents had taken down all the wood paneling in the cabin so we had a ton of dry wood that took to fire like white on rice.

We basically did the same thing on Saturday. 

I enjoy cooking when I'm up there, especially since my mom offers to do the dishes for me! I made everyone bacon (mom did the eggs), we had mimosas and got our lunch/snack started in the crock pot. BBQ Meatballs! Then I prepped dinner, chicken & broccoli casserole. Us Minnesotans love our casseroles!

We had a big fire going for most of the day. Again, outside. The weather started out decent, then the wind picked up and we said 'skrew this!' So everyone went to their respected cabins, ate dinner, and all reconvened at the neighbors for a rowdy game of Catchphrase! 

A lot of beer was consumed this night. When we are in WI we only drink the classiest of beers. Busch Light all the way! It's kind of become the designated cabin beer. Probably because you can get a 30 pack for $15.

Always have to wear the sunnies. You never know who might be trying to snap a pic.

When we headed home on Sunday we got caught in a pretty gnarly snow storm. It started with rain/ice and later turned into huge flakes of snow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon bumming on the couch, watching the snow come down and started season one of Sons of Anarchy. Good show if you haven't seen it yet.

Forgive me if I miss a day of blogging here and there in the next two weeks. Things are getting a little busy and I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to fit everything in, but I'll make it work.

Happy Tuesday

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Listen to your horoscope!

Every day I get my horoscope emailed to me. Most of the time it is so off I wonder if I was really born in August. Virgo's are organized, driven individuals with outgoing personalities.

I'm organized, sure. Like once a month when I can't find a shoe and I have to clean the whole apartment to find it.

Driven? Yup, when I need to find that shoe!

Outgoing? Put me in a room with my closest friends and family and a couple bottles of wine, I'll be the most outgoing person you've ever seen! I'll have everyone laughing they'll be crying! True, I can really make people laugh!!

This week though my horoscope has been spot on. Today it said:

"You've got to get out in the world - unless your home is filled with people! In one way or another, your energy demands company, so it may be time for you to throw a party - or crash one!"

Lucky for me and my horoscope, I'm heading up to the cabin this afternoon to crash join our neighbors in an ice fishing extravaganza!! Basically the weekend will consist of drinking copious amounts of Bush Light, tossing the cat fish/dog fish on to the ice and watching the eagles snatch them up, and most likely having a ridiculously large bon fire.

We're lucking out with the weather. The ridiculous negative temps are hitting the road and the nice, warm and toasty teens are coming in!

Do you read your horoscope every day?

Do you think it's accurate?

48 Days To Nuevo Vallarta!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursday!

There's nothing wrong with already thinking about that ice cold hard cider I'm going to be sipping on at happy hour tonight is there?

It's been a long week and I'm ready to get out and socialize with peeps other than at the gym.

Last night was like every other. I hauled ass home from the bus, that was of course running late. I rushed past the roomie who I'm sure thought I totally blew her off, and headed back out the door to get to Body Works + Abs. I tried this class last week at a different location, different instructor. This girl though? She rocked! She was bubbly, up beat, kept us moving the entire time, and had some good tunes. I think I'll definitely be making this class on a regular basis. Assuming my bus won't never, ever, ever, be late again.

I followed the Body Works class with a three mile run. Lucky runners me I didn't have to stalk anyone on the treadmills and got one right after class. I busted out three miles and they felt ok.

I loved wearing my ProCompression socks. I felt like they actually made my run easier. Is that possible? Plus, who doesn't love purple compression socks with a neon pink top? Yeah, couldn't miss me!

So, on the bus ride home last night I heard these two people talking about their weddings/engagements and I was pretty surprised at what they were saying.

One guy, one girl, both friends, low/mid 20-ish.

Girl was talking about how she had just picked their wedding date. It'll be their 2nd anniversary. She doesn't have a ring, and the guy doesn't want to get her a ring for the wedding either because they are looking at buying a house before they get married.

Guy mentioned how him and his lady have their honeymoon planned and booked, but no wedding date or location set yet. They are engaged, but he hasn't actually proposed yet. She picked out a ring, he went and put it on lay-away (the smartest thing I had heard this whole ride). He isn't going to give her the ring until it is paid off.

So, am I just completely out of it? Do people not actually get proposed to with a fancy dinner, carriage ride through the city, rose petals leading you to your honey on bended knee with a bottle of champagne chilling next to him. Or, doing what you love? Eating your traditional Wednesday night Chinese over CSI and you open your fortune cookie and there's a sparkly little engagement ring inside with a fortune that says 'Will You Marry Me'?

Do people really plan weddings before getting engaged? Skip the ring so you can buy a house? Focus on the honeymoon and not the actual wedding itself?

I like to think I'm a traditional gal. Date a guy for a couple years, spend a year planning the wedding, after getting engaged, of course. Buy a house, then head down the baby making train. In that order. I guess we'll see where this road takes me. I'm pretty darn single right now. Not a man on the horizon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do the humpty hump

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday marked the official start of the Get in Gear 1/2 Marathon Training.

Yesterday you learned that when I tell myself to do/not do something, I immediately fail. So, since yesterday was the beginning of my 1/2 marathon training, I almost psyched myself out and wasn't going to get it done.

First, getting to the gym. It was a balmy -13 on my way home from work. I was literally on the verge of tears when I was walking home from the bus. I kept telling myself that it's too cold to go to the gym. I have a treadmill at home.

I also really wanted to go to spin class because I hadn't been in a few days, but the classes are at 5:30 or 6:45, well 6:45 just felt so late! I hustled home in hopes that I wouldn't lose a limb, quickly changed, and somehow made it to the gym by 5:30 for spin class.  I did not love this instructor. As soon as class started he announced that there was to be no talking because this is where people come to clear their minds and let loose. Well the damn guy didn't stop talking about how much he loves Cher and her new album and that she's coming here on tour. We get it, you love Cher. Now please be quiet and tell me when I can take the saddle again.
The whole class was Cher, Gaga and Donna Summers. Not my cup of tea and definitely doesn't get me in the mood to kick ass in spin class.

My second struggle was still actually running. After spin, all the treadmills were full, so I stood on a stair stepper and waited for one to open. Yup. I stood there, I did not step on the stepper. Just when I was about to give up and go home, a sweaty guy got off his treadmill. I patiently waited for him to go wipe it down...only he didn't. He did not wipe down all his sweat! Gross dude!

I got in my three miles, barely. I kept wanting to quit at mile two, or 2.5 or 2.85, but I did the full three in 28 minutes.
While I was running I saw this guy looking all stupid in the weights area. To give you an idea, the weights are on the 1st floor and the treadmills/bikes etc are on the second floor so we over look the weights. I soon realized I had gone on a Match date with this guy just a couple weeks ago. He said he'd call, but he never did. I sent him a text saying it was nice to meet him, he didn't respond.

All I have to say if, if you say you're going to call, call. If you're not interested, don't try and be polite, just say it was nice to meet you and to take care. Cause the next thing you know, you're going to be sweating together at the gym and you're going to feel like an ass.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ali Facts

I think I might really like these link ups! Makes coming up with something to write about a little easier.

Today I'm linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work.

The facts of Ali.

Fact: My name is Alison, one 'L'. Nickname is Ali, not Aly, Allie, Alley. Just A.L.I.

Fact: Growing up I was deathly shy. Even around family. Once I was comfortable though I would pounce and be your best bud.

Fact:  The second I'm determined to do something. I give up before I start. I have a 'no pop' sticker on my  computer and I've been drinking a Coke every day since I put the damn thing there. I'm working on this problem.

Fact: At 28 I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I think about going back to school, but I don't know what for. Meteorologist? Personal Trainer? Graphic Design? CSI? (<-- DREAM JOB!) Journalism?

Fact:  I've seriously considered unfriending anyone who doesn't eat bacon. Bacon makes the world go round. And hugs. Hugs and bacon make the world go round.

Fact: I highly dislike breakfast, but I adore brunch. When I can have a mimosa, a filet with bernaise sauce and hashbrowns and eggs for a meal, I feel complete!

Fact: I pick my wine by the picture on the label.

Fact: I have a tattoo. I forget about it most of the time. Yes, some  everyone would call it a 'tamp stamp', but there's real meaning behind it. Just ask.

Fact: I have to have a planner. Something to write in. I can't use a phone calendar. Information doesn't soak  in as fast as if I actually write something out on pen and paper.

Fact: When I was 18 I drove for 12 hours straight, through the night, on nothing but Mt. Dew and sugary treats, from Minneapolis to Bloomington, IN. I picked up my girlfriend who went to IU, and we continued down to Evansville, IN to hang out with some guys we met on our high school Sr. year Spring Break cruise! I secretly thought I'd marry that guy. We still talk every once in a while to this day. Oh those Southern boys.

Fact: I get anxiety going into a store I've never been in before. I feel like everyone is watching me and that I'm doing something wrong. Even if I'm just trying to find the cheese aisle.

Fact: My two favorite smells are gasoline and fresh cut grass.

Fact: I never got to meet my Grandpa (Dad's dad). Everyone said he would have spoiled us rotten. My dad looks exactly like him and I always imagine he would have been just as funny and caring as my dad. (Side Fact: Both of my Grandpa's names are Donald.)

Fact: Before I go out on a date, if I know the guys last name, I look up his criminal/traffic/petty, and civil/family record. Might sound crazy, but it's a free site by the state and has saved me from going on dates with guys who have drug/DUI issues, have been married and denied it, or who have had domestic restraining orders against them. One guy even was jailed for terroristic threats towards a police officer. Wow! I sure can pick em.

Hope you enjoyed those random facts about me!

Now, what did you think of The Bachelor last night? I'm still a big Dez fan, but there are some others that are starting to really shine through. I can't stand Tierra though. Who else thinks she didn't really fall down the stairs but just faked it for some attention from Sean? Yeah, good, me too. Witchy little thing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Review!

I had this big ol fun filled Friday night planned. I had all the fixins to make some beef stew, I rented a movie, Pitch Perfect, and I had an extra large bottle of Pinot Grigio chillin in the fridge waiting for me to drink it dry. 

Then my roommate, Diana, asked if I wanted to go to this party for her boyfriends work. It was hosted by, there was a fashion show, drinks, free food, DJ's, a live band and a party bus to take you to an after party downtown. So I put my plans aside, got all dolled up and we headed out to the Women's Club in Loring Park.

Jungle Red, a salon that was a sponsor was there {and was on Tabitha's Salon Makeover!} had hair chalk that I had to try out!

It was fun to add a little something fun to my hair! 

The party was called Crush, they took pictures of some of the party goers to be voted on their website, who is most Crush worthy?

Vote for me!
I hate the picture, but I was a couple glasses of wine in and super pasty white, and it honestly looks like I'm about to pass gas. Not flattering. Oh well, it was fun!

{So, go vote for me! I'll take you out for some sushi and we'll have a slumber party at Graves 601, then we'll get some cheese and wine from Surdyk's, and go ride all the rides at MOA!}

I spent the rest of the weekend at my parents again, dog sitting. 

We laid around, falling in and out of consciousness from drinking too much wine the night before. I found myself watching Disney movies that were on TV. Miley and Trixie particularly enjoyed Lady and The Tramp.

So much dog barking! Trix is about 3/4 deaf so she just did what Miley did. She would run up to the TV and cock her head back and forth, all confused. It was darling.

I finally got around to making my beef stew.

It was absolutely delicious. The perfect meal considering the temps around these parts. 

 I woke up today and the temp was -9. Predicted 'high' for today? -4... I don't even want to know what it feels like with the wind chill. Somehow my hair froze on the .39 mile walk to the bus stop. My hair wasn't even wet it was that cold.

I had some left over almonds that I spent a ridiculous amount of money on at Whole Foods, and I was getting tired of plain ol almonds so I made some Cinnamon Roasted Almonds.

They are very tasty! A little sweet, a little salty, the perfect afternoon snack.

I'm super antsy today because I didn't work out once this weekend and with the Bachelor on tonight and having to get to the grocery store for a few items, it's not in tonight's plans.

Tomorrow is another story. This week marks the official 1/2 Marathon training for the Get in Gear 1/2, and tomorrow is spin class!

Spin, followed by a 3 mile run? I think I'm hitting the crazy town train hard!

First link up with Sami's Shenanigans!

Friday, January 18, 2013

13.1 What?

Holy moly we made it! It's FRIDAY!

I had been toying with the idea to run a half marathon for a couple of months now. The longest run I've done is a 10k, and that was back in October, part of the Twin Cities Marathon weekend. I felt awesome the whole way through and thought to myself that I could have probably kept running.

As the months went on, I would run 5-5.5 miles a couple times a week. The runs were becoming easier and my time was getting faster. So why not add another 8 miles on to those 5?? I am officially signed up for the Get In Gear 1/2 Marathon in April!!

I knew in my mind that if I waited any longer I would psych myself out and never register. So, starting Monday, I train! Have you ran a 1/2 Marathon before? How did you train?

I've read great things about Hal Higdon's Training Program. I'm going to use this as my starting point and see if any note worthy advice comes in along the way.

Last night I actually went to back-to-back classes. I started with an hour long spin class, followed by an hour long body works + abs class. I had never done the body works class before but I think I'd for sure go again. There were a ton of lunges, squats and arm work with weights. My arms are completely dead today. My legs were pretty shaky during the lunges part of the class, but I think that was because I had just come from spin where most of the class we were maxing out on our resistance.

My parents have a Costco membership so every once in a while I'll ask them to pick something up for me. I saw these little heads of romaine lettuce and couldn't wait to pack them for my lunches!

It's the perfect amount for my lunches and they are so cute!

Do you have any races you'll be running this Spring?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Panera does it right...most of the time

A couple weeks ago I went to Panera for lunch. It was a really quiet lunch hour because it was a holiday week. I ordered my You Pick Two and headed over to the pickup counter. 

I patiently waited for my lunch when the pager went off for the girl behind me. I thought that was strange since I had been there longer. She grabbed the bag of food, walked away, and returned a couple minutes later stating that that was not her order. So they paged me. 

They didn't check to make sure it was my order, or that the girl didn't open the sandwich. I grabbed the bag, looked inside and noticed the sandwich had been opened. When I asked the lady behind the counter if they could remake the sandwich, she questioned me. Saying 'that girl didn't touch the sandwich'. How she could know this from behind the counter? I then asked again if they could just remake it because I didn't want to take that chance and the wrapper had been opened.

Now, you would think, common sense, that they would have just remade the sandwich, no questions asked. But it took another asking.

I worked at Panera when I was 15, it was my first job. They hired me because I wasn't going to prom. Well, Sophomores couldn't go unless they were asked by an upper classman, so there. I know in the restaurant industry, the customer is always right. And for health reasons, once the food has left and is in the hands of someone else, once it comes back, it gets remade. You don't re-serve it.

It's like going to a restaurant. Ordering a steak medium and it comes out well done. You want what you are paying for so you ask for the steak to be redone to your liking. The chefs don't hold on to that well done steak and serve it to the next person who orders it. No, they throw it away and make a fresh one.

When I returned to my office to eat my lunch, I was steaming when I found out they had made the wrong sandwich and gave me the wrong soup. So, clearly I had gotten someone else's order. 

I sent an email to Panera's customer service explaining my disappointment in the service and the fact that I had to ask several times for my order to be remade, just to get the wrong order in the end.

After a week went by I considered it a lost cause because I never heard anything. Until last week! I got a nice, personal email from Panera and they sent me a gift card!

I went to Panera for lunch today, on them, and had a delicious lunch of exactly what I ordered!

I had a nice cup of soup and a sandwich, and I needed that soup! Check out the weekly forecast.

I'm certain it's not legal to call a negative number a 'high'. Brr!

My plans fell through for tonight. I'm pretty certain I'm headed straight to cray cray town because I'm planning on doing an hour Spin class followed by an hour Body Works + Abs class. Hopefully this will help make up for the ice cream, nacho cheese and wine I had last night!

Have a great Friday Eve!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polka Dots!

Happy Hump Day!  
My third favorite day besides Friday and Pay Day!!

I went to spin class last night. I'm officially hooked! I can't believe how fast that hour goes by and how much of a work out my whole body is getting. I haven't been to the same class yet, but I really enjoyed last nights instructor. She had good music, turned off the lights and the class really got into it.

I had a mini shopping spree over my lunch break because I think I'm one of few people whose pay checks actually went up in 2013. Tricky, tricky company giving us raises to start at the new year.

I had been going back and forth on what I want to spend my bonus on and I'm just not ready to blow part of it on a watch. Especially since I couldn't really decide which one I wanted. So I hit op Target Boutique and picked up this little diddy for a mere $18.

It doesn't say Michael Kors as I had originally wanted, but it's still pretty (I'm getting a new Michael Kors bag instead)!!

On a mission to find new work shoes, I sprinted meandered over to Marshall's. Their shoe department was completely depleted of any shoe that you could actually wear in a business environment. I can't have studs and 6 inch platform heels. So, to the clothes I went. 

I picked up a new workout top that's bright and fun and actually makes me look somewhat tan in the middle of MN winter. And I got this lovely blouse!

It's more pink/coral than this coral/orange. I've been wanting to 'cute' up my wardrobe and add more color and this piece is putting me in the right direction.

Random topic here. My sister sent me this article about 'The End of Courtship' and how 'dating' is different these days. It made me think about a couple things. I was on Match on and off for a while and my subscription just ended. I didn't really spend much time 'searching' for dates, because I didn't have time, and quite frankly, I didn't want to give up a workout or get all dolled up to go out into the cold and snow to spend an hour or two having drinks with someone who I won't hear from again.

How on earth do people meet outside of the dating sites and at bars? How do you get that second, third and fourth date? Ugh, it's so frustrating! 

I was asked out by two different guys this week and when they asked what my schedule looked like I said I was pretty busy. You'd think I'd have real plans. With real people. Nope. Monday, Bachelor. Tuesday, spin class. Thursday, step class. Maybe I should re-prioritize? I think I've been on enough dates in the past year to expect that it's a one and done deal. I won't hear from them again even when I think it's going good and they seem interested.

I guess in hind-sight, I'm happy where I am in my life. I'm the healthiest I've been in a very long time. I have a job I don't hate going to. My social life is picking up and all in all, life is just good. Do I need a man? No. Would I like one? It would be nice!

57 Days to Puerto Vallarta!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Bachelor and Step Class

I swear, Monday was so long, it should be Thursday.

Am I the only person who says they are busy on Monday night, but really your only plans are to sit in front of the TV for two hours, watching girls make a fool of themselves and having to witness the most awkward first kisses? I'm not? Wonderful!

I literally ran out of the gym, to my car, tailed a couple vehicles who couldn't read speed limit signs, ran up the front steps to my building, busted through the door where I picked up my roommates boyfriend and we hauled booty up the stairs and down the hall to make sure we didn't miss a minute of The Bachelor action.

Can I just say that I'm so glad I don't have cameras around on my first dates. Especially when you have that first kiss! Oh lordy, how embarrassing is that? I cringe just having to watch it but it's like a bad car accident, you just can't look away!

Anyway, I totally adore Desiree, and I hope she goes far. They are super adorable together and I don't think I stopped smiling during their date. The little prank Sean pulled on her was great and she totally handled it like a champ!

I took a Step Plus Abs class last night. It was at 5:45, an hour long and the Bachelor is on at 7:00 so I was really pushing it for time. I think I'll avoid those 5:45 classes from now on, at least over in Hopkins. I drove around the parking lot for 10 minutes before I stalked a girl to her car and impatiently patiently waited for her to leave her spot. I then got one of the last lockers in the locker room and walked in to a class of people that had clearly been to this class before.

Last week I went to a Step Sculpt class in St. Louis Park and everyone said to try Scott's class, so I did. I have never been more lost in my life. I think 30% of the class I just stood there or stumbled over my own feet trying to get the moves. It was extremely fast paced, which I like, I just got so flustered. Guess I'll have to keep going so I can get his routine down.

What do you think of these earrings?
Guess you can't really see them, but it's a yellow button with pink polka dots. My mom gave them to me a couple of years ago and at the time I really didn't like them, but I'm starting to like them a lot now. She picked them up at a local designer show, so it's nice to know I'm supporting and sporting local fashion!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Review

Hello Monday, is it Friday yet?

As I mentioned last week, I wasn't going to be juicing over the weekend, but I'll start up again this week because I discovered that money grows from banana plants!

I don't know if banana plants grow in Minnesota, but I'm going to find out!

I dog sat at my parents all weekend, and it was just the weekend I needed. There was free Showtime, so I cuddled on the couch with Miley and got caught up with Dexter by watching about 15 episodes in a day and a half!

I also watched The Help and 50/50. Have you seen either of those movies? I thought they were both really good.

Do you have a dog? Does your dog stomp it's little paws at you? Does your dog paw at your hand until you pet it? This little lady does. She has one big personality for how little she is. She loves to have her belly rubbed and will sit and stare at you until you look at her, she'll flop on to her back and start to kick her legs in a plea to have you rub her belly. She craves attention and just wants to be with someone. She always has to touch you, even if it's just having a paw on your leg while she's sleeping. I love her to bits and pieces!

I don't think I've ever made guacamole before, but I made some for a 'healthy' snack. I just used some avocados and a guacamole season packet. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I'm prepping myself for Mexico, which is exactly two months from today! 

So as you can see I was a complete and total bum. I did however, get myself up early on Sunday for a gym sesh, and hit the elliptical for 25 min. before an hour spin class. That spin class totally kicked my butt because it was almost all hills, but I loved it! I'm going to try and do spin three times a week.

Last Thursday and Friday it was so nice and warm here, like high 30's. My office looks out to a building that flashes the time and the temp, and it's currently -2. I thought my face was going to freeze off on my walk to the buss stop. Mexico can't come soon enough, and if those high 30's want to make another come back, I promise I won't complain!

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I got nothin...

Happy Friday! 

I have nothing for you today. It's what would be day 11 of my juice reboot, but life got a little busy these last couple of days and I just didn't have the time to juice, the time to go out and get more food to juice, or the energy to stay up extra late and spend an extra 20 minutes cleaning the juicer. So, day 9, 10 and 11 are a complete wash. You can expect days 12, 13, and 14 to be washes too.

So here's a little A-Z about me for you.

Age: 28, but I have to stop and think about it whenever someone asks. I still feel 23.

Bed size: Double. Need to upgrade!

Chore you hate:  Cleaning the kitchen

Dogs: Miley the Yorkie, and the family dog, Trixie the Cairn Terrier, they're best buds! 

Essential start to your day: 10 more minutes of sleep. Ha!

Favorite color: Blue. And starting to really like gold.

Gold or Silver: Always used to be a silver person, but I might have an affair with gold every once and a while!

Height: 5'7 3/4

Instruments you play: I grew up playing the piano and still dabble when I'm at my parents. I played the oboe for two years in Jr. High. 

Job Title: Executive Assistant / Event Coordinator

Kids: Just my little fur ball Miley!

Live: As if no one is watching!

Married: to myself.  

Nicknames: Ali, Al, Bubb, Bubba

Overnight hospital stays: Knock on wood, never!

Pet peeve: People who don't walk on the right side. It's like driving, stay on your side. 

Quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return"

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: Two sisters and a bro-in-law. I'm the middle.

Time you wake up: 6:00-6:30 AM depending on how many times I hit snooze

University attended:  I dabbled, Winona State, MCTC (Minneapolis Community & Tech College) and STI (Southeast Tech Institute)

Vegetables you dislike: Red pepper

What makes you run late: Straightening my hair 

X-rays you've had: I had my foot x-rayed last year, turned out to just be a sprain. Had my knee x-rayed when I was 10 to see what this lump was in my knee. Turned out to be loose cartilage from growing too fast. 

Yummy food: Anything cheesy, Chinese food, and Fettucini Alfredo

Zoo animal favorite: Monkey's/Gorillas. They are always one to put on a show.

I took an amazing class at LA Fitness last night called Step Sculpt. The first 35 minutes was all step and kicks, and a great workout, the final 25 minutes was sculpt, using weights, and doing lots of planks and squats. I felt super foolish at the beginning of the class, but once I got the routine and the hang of it, I loved it and can't wait to go back to another class!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Juice Reboot: Day 8

I love fresh juiced apple juice!

I juiced 4 Granny Smith apples, 3 carrots, and 2 celery stalk for a large breakfast juice, and I always want more when I'm done!

My lunch selection was a little smarter of a choice today. Subway turkey breast. It's all I need to satisfy my hunger throughout the afternoon.

I signed up for a real gym today! There are two LA Fitness gyms within 10 miles of my place, so I figured why wait, just do it. There is a gym in my office building, but I don't have enough time during lunch to get in the work out that I need, and they close at 7:00 PM and aren't open on the weekends. Then there are the three machines in my apartment building that don't work very well. The elliptical won't turn on, one of the treadmills sounds like it's going to blow up and the third is almost always taken or there's people in the room playing pool.

I took my first hour long spin class and it was pretty awesome. The hour went by so quick and I could definitely feel the burn.

I don't know what I was thinking but I'm going to do the Cupid's Undie Run in February. Do you know how cold it's going to be? Yeah, like 15 degrees! At least it's only a 1-1.5 mile jaunt down Nicollet Mall, and it's for a good cause.

I took a bunch of pictures off my mom and dad's phone that they don't share with anyone, so here's a picture dump.

My 28th Birthday at Butcher & The Boar (This makes me want to be blonde again!)

We came back to the boat lift tipped over at the cabin from the wind. It should be parallel to the dock (like the other boat). 

Me and my sisters at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. (I'm in the middle) Always one to strike a goofy pose!

Me and my sisters in CA for a wedding. How bout those floral dresses, eh?

We moved to OK just days after the Federal Building was blown up. It was so surreal.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Juice Reboot: Day 7

Today is day 7 and although I'm eating, I'm still seeing a difference in how juicing is benefiting my life and my health.

I went to Chipotle for lunch. I know it wasn't the best decision I could have made, but I needed something that would hold me until dinner. I chose a healthy alternative though and got a bowl with brown rice. 

I'm feeling more normal, and more with it now that I'm eating lunch and not juicing. Bonus, the scale is still going down.

I even measured myself today and from my last measurements, a little over a month ago, I've lost a couple of inches.

Nov. 29, 2012              Current
  Waist: 33                      Waist: 32
   Hips: 39.5                     Hips: 38.5
   Thigh: 23.5                   Thigh: 22.5
  Bust: 35.5                     Bust: 35.5 
  Biceps: 12.5                  Biceps: 12

Juice Starting Weight: 163
Current Weight: 154

1 tomato
1 cucumber
5 celery stalk
4 carrots
1/2 beet
1/2 yellow pepper
2 Granny Smith apples

And just for fun, here's a pic of the earrings I wore today. Everyone commented on them! 

Happy Bachelor Monday!!