Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Review

Hi Blog World!

The weekend was nice and relaxing dog sitting at my parents house. Somehow, I seem to get more chores done there than when I'm at my own apartment.

I washed all my bedding, including my quilt which hasn't been washed in for.ever. I got all my laundry done, I baked Christmas cookies, sort of, and I finally got all my gifts wrapped!

The weekend went a little something like this. Friday, my old apartment called and said I had a package to pick up. So I hauled it to Loring Park and this is what I got from the President of my company.

The basket was all chocolate this year. I've been trying to give pieces of it away because I don't have a big sweet tooth and because I know that I could sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting just because I'm hungry.

I attempted to make cookies at my mom's request. She thought I'd like to use her cookie press. It was a total fail so I switched cookie cutters to use up the rest of the dough. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get the timing right.

I was so excited for this batch, but they were all ruined. So in the trash they went. I'm a cook. Not a baker. I don't like having to be precise. I like having the freedom to add what you want and experiment with food!

I'm not a mom to a human, but I held this one extra tight, played with her more than usual, and let her snuggle up close in bed at night. After the horrible tragedy in Newtown, CT, I couldn't help but just want to love everything and everyone a little more. 

Gifts are finally wrapped for the family and under the parents Christmas tree. We'll have three Christmas celebrations this year starting on Sunday at my parents with Kayla and Joe since they'll be spending Christmas Eve with Joe's family.

This little lady is too funny sometimes. She wanted to lay on the back of the couch and look out the window. She laid there while we watched the Vikings kick a$$ and let out the funniest little moans and groans whenever she thought she saw something.

Sunday evening was spent lounging in my new pajama pants (Target - so comfortable), watching Ashley and JP's wedding and drinking some wine and enjoying my new candle. 

It was a Bachelorette filled evening as Kirk Dewindt lived in my building, but was moving out yesterday. Sad.

I hope everyone had a great weekend considering the situation that weighed heavy on everyone's hearts. 

It's a reminder to live every day like it's your last.

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