Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tillamook? Tilla-YUM!

One of my good friends from Sioux Falls comes up here every couple of months for work and we always try to get together for dinner.  Sioux Falls has so many chains so I try and bring her to new, local places.

Last night I took her to The Bulldog Northeast. I was hoping to take her to Figlio but with time and traffic it just wasn't going to happen, so Bulldog it was.

I haven't been there in a couple months, but I knew that I couldn't go wrong. All day I thought about what I was going to order and how I had to make a wise and healthy choice. Ha, that flew out the window quick.

One look at the burger list and my heart melted like the Tillamook cheese on my Tillamook burger with crispy bacon and an upgrade to their oh so delicious tater tots.

Not my tots, but their fries are still good.

We sat there for a couple hours catching up over her engagement, and reminiscing over stories from when I was living there.

It's so nice to have those friends that you don't have to see or talk to for months but when you do, you can't stop talking and laughing.

What's on the Tuesday agenda? Well, if you live under a rock then you probably don't know that tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I watch it every year and always feel horrible about myself. I can't decide if I'm going to watch it in baggy sweats with a big bowl of pasta and a bottle of wine, or if I'm going to workout the whole show. Right now I'm going for the sweats, pasta and wine. 

Happy Tuesday, only two more left until Santa visits!


  1. Found your blog through a post on the Moustache Run, and have been enjoying your restaurant reviews! I have a blog with my sister- www.therightfits.com. She lives in Kansas City, I live in Mpls, and we write about Fitness/Fashion/Fitness Fashion...A lot of our topics are very similar to yours!

    1. I've been enjoying The Right Fits this afternoon! I love hearing about blogs that are local and are similar to what I like to write about. Thanks for stopping by!