Thursday, December 6, 2012

Public Transportation is Cool

Lately my bus has been insanely crowded. Luckily for me I'm one of the first stops to get on in the morning and after work so I always have a seat, but it's been packed by the third or fourth stop!

Yup, creeper girl on the bus taking a picture of the people that have to stand. I think it's worse standing at night because the bus is constantly lurching back and forth, pounding on the breaks due to rush hour traffic trying to get out of downtown.

I hadn't run since Saturday's 5k so I made myself get on the treadmill. All I wanted to do when I got home from work was go in the hot tub, eat dinner, and be a bum on the couch but I had to get a workout in. Since I didn't want to just run, I did a HITT workout I shared with you last week. The one where I got so pissed at my phone I wanted to pummel it to the ground. 

I brought my piece of paper with the workout written in large print this time, so I could see it and it went really well. I can really feel it in my legs and back side. I'm thinking about making this a once a week workout.

The HIIT workout was about 2.7 miles, so as a cool down I walked until 3 miles and did a 10 min mile to finish. I just really wanted to get 4 miles in.

I'm doing my challenges I shared with you yesterday and I can definitely feel the push-ups today in my arms and back, and ya know what? I like it! Whenever I go to use the restroom during the day, if it's empty, I'll get 25 push ups in. No it's not gross, because this challenge has you doing push ups where you're off the ground.

Where's your go to shop for workout gear? I hear great things about Lululemon, I just know I can't drop that kind of cash on workout clothes. SR did a post about JCP and their workout gear. I fell in love with a sweatshirt she posted so as soon as I was done with work I headed to the mall to see if they had it.

They didn't have the one I wanted, instead, they had the one I needed!

This sweatshirt with thumb holes is only $10! It's sold out online, but my local JCP (Ridgedale Mall) had a ton in stock. 

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