Monday, December 3, 2012

Moustache Run!

This past weekend I participated in the Moustache Run for prostate cancer.

I'm sure you all know that November is Mo-vember, right? Or, No-shave-vember? Guys grow out their moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research. Well, December 1 was the Moustache Run for all the guys to do a victory lap with their stache before shaving it off.

Proof that a stache makes anyone look creepy.

The run started at Nicollet Island and went up and down the Mississippi, over the Stone Arch Bridge and ended in St. Anthony Main. 

I think they had a lot more participants and expected because the course got a little tight in some areas, but all around, a pretty and fun run.

It was such a warm day, it was great to run outside and along the river.

We had a great group of people that ran with us. Some co-workers, family, friends and new friends from my Meetup group.

After the run, we headed to Loring Kitchen & Bar for their bottomless mimosas and brunch.

After several hours of making sure we got all the vitamin C we could handle, we had big plans to go and make some cookies and watch some college football. That ended quickly when everyone hit a couch and crashed for the rest of the afternoon.

In local celebrity news. Joe Mauer got married this weekend. I could feel my heart break. And then I found this clip.... and although the guy might look good in a Head & Shoulders ad, is a pro baseball player, and meets my height requirements, I think life would be just too dull.  So congrats Joe!

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