Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday, Friday, Getting down on Friday

Last night I saw the movie Playing For Keeps and I loved it. I'm a hopeless romantic so of course this was right up my alley, but I've always loved Jessica Biel Timberlake ever since her 7th Heaven Days and Gerard Butler? Hello! P.S. I Love You is a movie I watched and cried to so many times the DVD is worn out. Then we get to the most adorable little man, Noah Lomax. Those freckles! I die. Short and sweet of it, if you like a movie with a ton of well known and good actors, that makes you sit there with a silly stupid grin because you just want everything to work out in the end, then go see this movie. You'll enjoy it.

So, obviously you know that I went to a movie last night instead of working out. I suck, so what. Life is short and I needed a little romance in my life. I'm still doing push-ups throughout the day though and after two weeks of it, I'm definitely seeing a difference in my arms and my wings are starting to tone up. Basically anytime I go to the restroom during work I'll do 25 push-ups against the counter.

I had been watching a few items on Forever 21, well, two items really, but when I only had to spend an extra $15 for free shipping I got a few other fun pieces.

Puffy Vest
 Got this vest for only $15, originally $42. I've wanted a vest for a long time and this fits the budget.

Faux Leather Sweater
Trying to spice up my wardrobe with some faux leather
Layering Tank
I can't pass these up at $2.80 a top. I love these tanks for layering. I got a couple.
Arm Candy
Needing some accessories. My style is boring, so I'm working on getting some.
And to get to the $50 mark for free shipping I added some bling.

I'll be dog sitting this weekend at my parents, so expect to see a lot of puppy pictures next week or if you follow on Instagram, username Alibubb.

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