Thursday, December 13, 2012


Happy Thursday!

First things first. The world is out to sabotage me and I don't have the will power to say no!

Look at all these goodies that showed up in my office.

Cookies, popcorn, taffy, fudge and more cookies!

Then later in the day, this showed up...

I don't usually eat sweets. It's not a diet thing, it's just that I don't crave them, but, when I do, it's usually sour patch kids, my weakness. But when I saw Mrs. Fields cookies and Christmas tree Rice Krispies, I had to have one, or two...ok, total, I had 4. Two cookies and two Rice Krispie trees. But the cookies were so good, I even got goosebumps, so of course I had to have a second. I'm weak...and pathetic.

Moving on. 

Is it bad that I want this to wear...

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Lounge Wear
While drinking a whole bottle of wine from this...

XL Wine Glass. Hold an entire bottle of wine!
Yeah, I didn't think so. So, who's going to get these for me for Christmas?! The Fleece lounge wear is a two pack so we can both enjoy while drinking bottles of wine!

On to the important part here. GNO had their first Meetup last night and I'd say it was a success! We had about 20 girls show up and everyone was so nice! We are all kind of in the same boat as far as just wanting to meet new girlfriends to go out with and do brunch and happy hour and not have the pressure of being in a 'singles' group. 

I'm so excited to plan some more Meetups with these girls and hopefully become good friends with some of them!

I'm going to leave you with this picture.

This is the view from my office break room. I sit here everyday and eat my lunch and I'm always, for whatever reason, in awe of this long, straight road. 

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