Monday, December 31, 2012

Juice Reboot: My Story

The time has come. I got my Jack Lalanne juicer for Christmas and I'm going to participate in a Juice  Reboot. I've been doing some research on juicing for a while and realized that this reboot will be in three parts. 

Part 1. I will eat raw or cooked plants while introducing juices.

Part 2. I will consume nothing but juices and water.

Part 3. I will eat raw or cooked plants while adding in my normal, healthy, everyday food. 

Some might ask why a 28 year old, active, relatively healthy female would want/need to do a cleanse. 

Here is my story. 

Growing up I was active and healthy, my mom made us eat our veggies and we rarely had pop in the house. I was always involved in dance, gymnastics, softball, basketball or swimming. I played volleyball all throughout my teenage years, very competitively until my Senior year of high school when I got mono and the Dr. never cleared me to play. Since I wasn't playing volleyball, I got a job in a restaurant where I ate restaurant food every day and had unlimited access to pop. I had a serious Coke and Mt. Dew addiction that gave me horrible stomach pain that would keel me over in the middle of a serving shift.

The years went on. I got older and was introduced to alcohol. Alcohol led to cigarettes. Cigarettes led to very little physical activity. Somehow, I was the skinniest I had ever been at 119 lbs and 5'8".

I met a guy and I got comfortable. Quickly, the pounds packed on, month after month. I moved to a new city, and a new state. We ate fast food for nearly every meal and would go out for drinks several times a week. Life was fun! 

About two years into the relationship, I was determined to get healthy. Quit smoking, ease up on the drinking and eat healthy. I was putting menus together of homemade meals I would make and a workout schedule. 

This was quickly squashed when he started to bring home fast food knowing full well we had a set menu and had the groceries. Taking me away from my work outs. Not being supportive of my goal. So I gave up. 

I was approaching 180 pounds and wore a size 14 jean and I was miserable. I started to drink a lot of pop again and smoke. The planned meals were gone and fast food ruled the house. Our relationship was not good, but I was scared to leave the person I had spent the last three years of my life with, my job, my friends. To go back home, 250 miles away and start over. Well, he did that for me. He left.

I moved home, back in with my parents, and for close to 6 months, I cried, and drank, and cried, and smoked cigarettes and drank some more. I thought life had no meaning and I was sad and lonely and confused and had no idea what direction I was going in. 

To pick me up and get my life together and realize that life does have meaning, I had to start to work on myself. Which meant no smoking, cut down on the drinking and get my butt up, out of bed, get dressed every day even if I wasn't going anywhere. Put on makeup. Feel pretty, feel good about myself. 

Now that I feel good about myself on the inside. I want to make it even better. I want the heart palpitations to go away that started up when I started to smoke. The shortness of breath and the headaches. The uncomfortable feeling I have in my skin when I drink coffee or eat fast food.

So, I'm doing a juice cleanse. I've restarted every part of my life over the last 2.5 years. Now it's time for the deep inside to get a good cleaning. To clean out the years of smoking, of pop and fast food. 

To welcome the new, happy, healthy life that is to come.

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