Monday, December 31, 2012

Juice Reboot: My Story

The time has come. I got my Jack Lalanne juicer for Christmas and I'm going to participate in a Juice  Reboot. I've been doing some research on juicing for a while and realized that this reboot will be in three parts. 

Part 1. I will eat raw or cooked plants while introducing juices.

Part 2. I will consume nothing but juices and water.

Part 3. I will eat raw or cooked plants while adding in my normal, healthy, everyday food. 

Some might ask why a 28 year old, active, relatively healthy female would want/need to do a cleanse. 

Here is my story. 

Growing up I was active and healthy, my mom made us eat our veggies and we rarely had pop in the house. I was always involved in dance, gymnastics, softball, basketball or swimming. I played volleyball all throughout my teenage years, very competitively until my Senior year of high school when I got mono and the Dr. never cleared me to play. Since I wasn't playing volleyball, I got a job in a restaurant where I ate restaurant food every day and had unlimited access to pop. I had a serious Coke and Mt. Dew addiction that gave me horrible stomach pain that would keel me over in the middle of a serving shift.

The years went on. I got older and was introduced to alcohol. Alcohol led to cigarettes. Cigarettes led to very little physical activity. Somehow, I was the skinniest I had ever been at 119 lbs and 5'8".

I met a guy and I got comfortable. Quickly, the pounds packed on, month after month. I moved to a new city, and a new state. We ate fast food for nearly every meal and would go out for drinks several times a week. Life was fun! 

About two years into the relationship, I was determined to get healthy. Quit smoking, ease up on the drinking and eat healthy. I was putting menus together of homemade meals I would make and a workout schedule. 

This was quickly squashed when he started to bring home fast food knowing full well we had a set menu and had the groceries. Taking me away from my work outs. Not being supportive of my goal. So I gave up. 

I was approaching 180 pounds and wore a size 14 jean and I was miserable. I started to drink a lot of pop again and smoke. The planned meals were gone and fast food ruled the house. Our relationship was not good, but I was scared to leave the person I had spent the last three years of my life with, my job, my friends. To go back home, 250 miles away and start over. Well, he did that for me. He left.

I moved home, back in with my parents, and for close to 6 months, I cried, and drank, and cried, and smoked cigarettes and drank some more. I thought life had no meaning and I was sad and lonely and confused and had no idea what direction I was going in. 

To pick me up and get my life together and realize that life does have meaning, I had to start to work on myself. Which meant no smoking, cut down on the drinking and get my butt up, out of bed, get dressed every day even if I wasn't going anywhere. Put on makeup. Feel pretty, feel good about myself. 

Now that I feel good about myself on the inside. I want to make it even better. I want the heart palpitations to go away that started up when I started to smoke. The shortness of breath and the headaches. The uncomfortable feeling I have in my skin when I drink coffee or eat fast food.

So, I'm doing a juice cleanse. I've restarted every part of my life over the last 2.5 years. Now it's time for the deep inside to get a good cleaning. To clean out the years of smoking, of pop and fast food. 

To welcome the new, happy, healthy life that is to come.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Days 5 Miles Wrap-up

I want to do a quick recap of my 5 Days, 5 Miles challenge I challenged myself with last week. Where I was going to run five miles a day and have one salad a day. 

It was more like 6 days, 20 miles. It took me 6 days, but due to not being able to move because my body wasn't used to that many miles, I wrapped it up with 20 miles in 6 days. 

I did have a salad once a day which I'm proud of and would like to continue on with that. 

After the new year, I have a new challenge for myself. Juicing! Have you ever juiced? I've been slightly obsessed with it ever since I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a couple of months ago, but I didn't have the cash to throw down on a juicer so I said I'd wait until Christmas. 

I've been doing a lot of research and will be doing a reboot in January. I'm still working on if it will be a complete juice reboot, or if I'll incorporate salads and how long I will do it.  So stay tuned!

Christmas 2012 Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Most years we only have two Christmas celebrations, but this year we had three since Kayla and Joe wouldn't be with us on Christmas Eve.

I spent the weekend at my parents helping my mom prep for all the festivities. Sunday we had our immediate family over to my parents for an Italian Christmas. We are nothing close to Italian. Mom made a delicious lasagna, garlic bread, salad and cheese cake.

We did a small gift opening with Kayla and Joe. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts this year. I have so much more fun giving gifts. This year I had Kayla and Kari's gifts picked out months in advance and I couldn't wait for them to open their gifts.

Christmas Eve is when we celebrate Christmas and have done the same tradition for the last 25 years. Every year we make homemade Chinese food. Chicken wontons with a pineapple sauce, chicken and steak skewers, rice, Chinese chicken salad, rolls and of course, the ever so Chinese dessert of Chocolate Silk Pie.

It was a very small Christmas this year with just my parents, Kari and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim. It's amazing how quick the evening goes when the amount of family is half of what it is other years.

In our family we have a rotation of every other year the married couples switch which family they celebrate each holiday with. This year they all went to their in laws. Next year we will have a very full house and there will even be a baby!

After the guests left we popped some bottles of Asti and began the gift opening.

 Kari and I had gone shopping with mom to pick out what we wanted. I was so excited to get my first pair of ProCompression socks and my first juicer!

I have been waiting for this for quite a while and I can't wait to try some different juices and do a complete reboot. I've felt like my body is out of whack lately, that's for another post.

We wrapped up the night with a couple episodes of Duck Dynasty and early bed times. I think this was the first year Kari and I were in bed before midnight.

Santa came bright and early. There aren't any young kids in the house but we do have dogs that get us up nice and early. He brought us some pretty cool gifts this year. Snow shoes for the cabin, head lights to wear while snow shoeing, or fishing at night, or that I can wear on early morning runs.

I'm going up to the cabin this weekend and I hope they have more snow than we do in the Cities because I can't wait to try out the snow shoes! Finally, a winter sport I can partake in! Maybe next year I'll try snowboarding?
Finally on Christmas Day we headed over to my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dick's house for dinner. This is a new tradition that we've done with them now for three years and this was the first year that everyone from both families was able to come. Danny is completely out of the Marines so he was home, safe and sound, Ari and O'Brian are living in the US now after being in Jamaica for too long, and Kayla and Joe were able to come for the whole evening too!

It's a bit more chaotic than the night before with two little ones, 3 and 2 running around and then a 6 month old, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of my favorite things we do is a Polish tradition (they are Polish), of breaking Oplatek. It's a Christmas wafer, each person takes one and breaks off a piece and shares it with someone while offering wishes for peace and prosperity. It's so nice to see and hear the different things people say, what they are thankful for, who they are thankful for. All the chaos and noise went away and we all were just thankful to be together for Christmas!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas filled with family and love!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 4

As I mentioned the other day, Wednesday was probably going to be a rest day. Well, it was and I'm glad because last nights run was awesome. My legs were rested and ready to kill another 5 miles.

I was looking back and most months I only managed to get 25 miles, this week alone, I have 15, so I'll get in another 5 or so today before I head over to my parents for the next few days for Christmas set-up and celebrating.
I guess you could call this a tempo run. I ran the first half of each mile at 6 and increased the last half of each mile to 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 7. 

A client dropped these off the other day.

There's two layers. The box said it's 2 pounds of chocolate, so I've been stuffing my face with chocolate and champagne. I was thinking that if the world is going to end on 12/21/12 then I'm going to go out in style with some bubbly. 

If you live in the Minneapolis area, head to Sids off 169 and Hwy 55. They have the cheapest liquor in the area. All their champagne was on sale, and they have bins of 1/2 off wine. Extra bonus, they had wine samples last night!

Do you leave shoes at work? I have anywhere between 4-6 pairs of shoes under my desk or in my closet at work at all times.
I guess that's a good thing because I wore winter boots the other day to work and forgot to bring a pair, so lucky me, I keep several pairs at work.

I got this card the other day.

I found it very funny considering I work with a bunch of attorneys. Plus, it's from one of our Jewish members, so I appreciate it even more. There's something about getting a card from someone who doesn't celebrate your holiday that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe next year I'll send him a Happy Hanukkah card. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

82 Days till Puerto Vallarta!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 2!

My little challenge with myself is going well so far. I'm only into day two, but I've been sticking with it! I had a giant salad for lunch, and kind of felt like a rabbit with my lettuce and carrots.

I got home and checked out my loot from Forever21 that came in the mail then booked it to the treadmill. 

Once I started running I noticed my hips were super tight so I took it sort of slow the first mile to let them warm up and then I took off for 4 miles!

I had somehow managed to pause the app at the beginning of the run, so Nike+ didn't record 5 miles, but the treadmill did and I was ready to be done. 

I did a lot of stretching and icing after this run, so Wednesday might have to be a rest day. I'm going to see how my legs feel as the day goes on.

Dinner, again, 3/4 of a Smart Chicken breast, with steamed broccoli.

Diana and I watched Ted (supper funny) last night and I was getting a bit of a sweet tooth so I opened the Greek yogurt I purchased on a whim and added some raspberries. It was the perfect snack that I decided to make it my breakfast too.

Greek yogurt, raspberries and a banana. It's delicious and filling. 

A little peak at what came in the mail from Forever21!

I've been making it a point to accessorize. These two pieces are basic enough for an accessory newbie, but fun and sparkly too! I really like the bracelet too. It's heavy duty and has a strong magnetic clasp.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Days 5 Miles

Looking back on what was going to be a month of really getting in shape, turned into a month of over indulging on cookies, bars, and wine. Last time I checked, that didn't help slim down or tone up anyone. So I'm setting a goal for the week to run 5 miles every day, and have a salad with/for every lunch/dinner.

Day 1? It went ok. I battled with myself over lunch and caved to Taco Bell. I thought, if the world is going to end on Friday, why not really enjoy all the bad food I crave? So TB it was with all its glorious nacho cheese and side of sour cream!

As the day went on, I kicked myself because I know the world isn't going to end! 

I got home and ran 5.41 glorious miles!

Followed by 3/4 of a Smart Chicken breast, green beans, and a side salad.

85 Days until Puerto Vallarta!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Review

Hi Blog World!

The weekend was nice and relaxing dog sitting at my parents house. Somehow, I seem to get more chores done there than when I'm at my own apartment.

I washed all my bedding, including my quilt which hasn't been washed in for.ever. I got all my laundry done, I baked Christmas cookies, sort of, and I finally got all my gifts wrapped!

The weekend went a little something like this. Friday, my old apartment called and said I had a package to pick up. So I hauled it to Loring Park and this is what I got from the President of my company.

The basket was all chocolate this year. I've been trying to give pieces of it away because I don't have a big sweet tooth and because I know that I could sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting just because I'm hungry.

I attempted to make cookies at my mom's request. She thought I'd like to use her cookie press. It was a total fail so I switched cookie cutters to use up the rest of the dough. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get the timing right.

I was so excited for this batch, but they were all ruined. So in the trash they went. I'm a cook. Not a baker. I don't like having to be precise. I like having the freedom to add what you want and experiment with food!

I'm not a mom to a human, but I held this one extra tight, played with her more than usual, and let her snuggle up close in bed at night. After the horrible tragedy in Newtown, CT, I couldn't help but just want to love everything and everyone a little more. 

Gifts are finally wrapped for the family and under the parents Christmas tree. We'll have three Christmas celebrations this year starting on Sunday at my parents with Kayla and Joe since they'll be spending Christmas Eve with Joe's family.

This little lady is too funny sometimes. She wanted to lay on the back of the couch and look out the window. She laid there while we watched the Vikings kick a$$ and let out the funniest little moans and groans whenever she thought she saw something.

Sunday evening was spent lounging in my new pajama pants (Target - so comfortable), watching Ashley and JP's wedding and drinking some wine and enjoying my new candle. 

It was a Bachelorette filled evening as Kirk Dewindt lived in my building, but was moving out yesterday. Sad.

I hope everyone had a great weekend considering the situation that weighed heavy on everyone's hearts. 

It's a reminder to live every day like it's your last.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday, Friday, Getting down on Friday

Last night I saw the movie Playing For Keeps and I loved it. I'm a hopeless romantic so of course this was right up my alley, but I've always loved Jessica Biel Timberlake ever since her 7th Heaven Days and Gerard Butler? Hello! P.S. I Love You is a movie I watched and cried to so many times the DVD is worn out. Then we get to the most adorable little man, Noah Lomax. Those freckles! I die. Short and sweet of it, if you like a movie with a ton of well known and good actors, that makes you sit there with a silly stupid grin because you just want everything to work out in the end, then go see this movie. You'll enjoy it.

So, obviously you know that I went to a movie last night instead of working out. I suck, so what. Life is short and I needed a little romance in my life. I'm still doing push-ups throughout the day though and after two weeks of it, I'm definitely seeing a difference in my arms and my wings are starting to tone up. Basically anytime I go to the restroom during work I'll do 25 push-ups against the counter.

I had been watching a few items on Forever 21, well, two items really, but when I only had to spend an extra $15 for free shipping I got a few other fun pieces.

Puffy Vest
 Got this vest for only $15, originally $42. I've wanted a vest for a long time and this fits the budget.

Faux Leather Sweater
Trying to spice up my wardrobe with some faux leather
Layering Tank
I can't pass these up at $2.80 a top. I love these tanks for layering. I got a couple.
Arm Candy
Needing some accessories. My style is boring, so I'm working on getting some.
And to get to the $50 mark for free shipping I added some bling.

I'll be dog sitting this weekend at my parents, so expect to see a lot of puppy pictures next week or if you follow on Instagram, username Alibubb.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Happy Thursday!

First things first. The world is out to sabotage me and I don't have the will power to say no!

Look at all these goodies that showed up in my office.

Cookies, popcorn, taffy, fudge and more cookies!

Then later in the day, this showed up...

I don't usually eat sweets. It's not a diet thing, it's just that I don't crave them, but, when I do, it's usually sour patch kids, my weakness. But when I saw Mrs. Fields cookies and Christmas tree Rice Krispies, I had to have one, or two...ok, total, I had 4. Two cookies and two Rice Krispie trees. But the cookies were so good, I even got goosebumps, so of course I had to have a second. I'm weak...and pathetic.

Moving on. 

Is it bad that I want this to wear...

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Lounge Wear
While drinking a whole bottle of wine from this...

XL Wine Glass. Hold an entire bottle of wine!
Yeah, I didn't think so. So, who's going to get these for me for Christmas?! The Fleece lounge wear is a two pack so we can both enjoy while drinking bottles of wine!

On to the important part here. GNO had their first Meetup last night and I'd say it was a success! We had about 20 girls show up and everyone was so nice! We are all kind of in the same boat as far as just wanting to meet new girlfriends to go out with and do brunch and happy hour and not have the pressure of being in a 'singles' group. 

I'm so excited to plan some more Meetups with these girls and hopefully become good friends with some of them!

I'm going to leave you with this picture.

This is the view from my office break room. I sit here everyday and eat my lunch and I'm always, for whatever reason, in awe of this long, straight road. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Miles, Boom!

With the lazy snowed in weekend and the uber long commute on Monday evening, I really had no desire to work out the past couple of days. When I got home last night though, I knew I had to and I was going to reward myself with a dip in the hot tub after.

I hopped on the treadmill and didn't feel like just running a constant couple of miles so I selected a program that was 30:00 and varied incline from 0-6 and pace from 3 (warm-up) to 6.5. The program brought me to 2.5 miles so I finished strong with another 2.5 miles for 5 total miles.

I can't tell you the last time that I chose to run 5 miles. I felt awesome and really pushed through on the last mile increasing my speed every minute.

I got this workout in an email from Tone It Up.

I'm thinking I'll give this a try soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peppermint Joe Joe's

Hi Everybody!

I don't have much going on besides a busy day at work, but I want to share with you something that is life changing.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe's.

This lovely box was my first gift this season and they are amazing. I highly suggest you drop what you are doing and head to your local Trader Joe's and pick up a box...or a dozen and share with all your loved ones. This are too good to keep to yourself.

If you're in Minneapolis, don't forget to check out my new Meetup Group. We are meeting for the first time for happy hour at The Local at 5:00 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

Oh, and send out good vibes that today's commute will be shorter than yesterdays. I can think of better things I'd like to do than sit on a bus for 90 minutes.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Review: The First Big Snow

The weekend was an eventful one, that's a fact. From the company holiday party on Friday, to Wonton Making Day on Saturday and getting snowed in at my parents house on Sunday

We had our holiday party at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Minneapolis. To be completely honest, I was not too excited about it. I was skeptical about the food and how the party would be. Rock Bottom proved me wrong. They did a fantastic job with the presentation and the food, and the servers were on top of everything.

When folks arrived, veggies and chips with salsa and guacamole were out. Lunch was a pasta buffet that they did a really good job at that came with a salad and garlic bread. After everyone ate, some people headed home while some stayed and played some pool.

Apparently, I'm an ok pool player. Thanks for all those 'lessons' Uncle Dave!

I was really excited about my holiday red and green outfit. I'm going to wear out these red pants SO  fast. But I'm pretty sure I'm Pulling. Them. Off.

Saturday I was up surprisingly early and headed over to mom and dad's to help prep for Wonton Making Day! Every year my mom has me and my sisters over along with one of my Aunts and her daughters and we make our Christmas wontons ahead of time so we just have to pop them in the oven on Christmas Eve. 

We all had a nice time cooking and chatting and laughing. Everyone left by midnight, but I like to crash at their house and play with Miley as much as possible. I was also very skeptical that we would actually get this snow storm we were warned about since it had been so mild lately. 

I woke up on Sunday to probably 4 inches of snow and it just kept falling all. Day. Long. When dad got home from the cabin he said he didn't want me on the road with all the spin outs and accidents so I just hunkered down and spent another day and night at mom and dads. 

Sometimes I think maybe I should just move home with how often I'm there...then I think about it some more and realize that's not a smart choice. I'll just visit.

We spent the day watching the snow fall, cuddling with dogs, and watched the Vikings beat Da Bears!

I'm pretty certain my parents would go without dinner most nights, but I can't so I made them Beef Stroganoff. I didn't think that I liked it, but this one was really good.

When all was said and done. The metro area got 15" of snow. 12" measured at my parents. That's more snow than we got all last winter combined!