Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend was like the last few, very low key, which I'm definitely appreciating.

On Friday night Diana's boyfriend Brandon and his friend Aaron came over to cook us dinner and it was pretty darn good. We had steak in a mushroom and onion cream sauce, rosemary mashed potatoes, so good, and asparagus wrapped in crescent rolls. I would never ever think to put those two together, but again, super good.

For dessert Aaron concocted a little treat with chocolate chip ice cream and brandy by combining the two in a blender and topping it with cool whip and, of course, more brandy.
Home girl was impressed. We spent the rest of the night in the hot tub/pool. I woke up and any part of my hair that was really blonde turned green. Blah.

I had plans with my mom on Saturday to go to Costco so we browsed the aisles for nearly two hours sampling our way through the store. I bought my first Christmas present for my dad. I really can't believe Christmas is just over a month away. 

Then this stuff started to fall and I sprung into the Holiday Spirit. The day before the snow fell, it was 70 degrees and I was wearing flip flops. And people wonder why us Minnesotans always talk about the weather.

My cousin Paige is in town helping her mom, Aunt Jane, go through her house so she can move out to Bainbridge Island, WA at the end of the month. They came over to mom and dad's for dinner on Sunday evening. It's so nice to be able to chat with Paige in a small setting. When we see them it's usually at a wedding or other large gathering.

We had Christmas music playing since we won't see them for Christmas and thought with the snow falling and sticking for the first time this season, it was appropriate.

I almost wasn't going to watch the Vikings game because they played the Lions, well, I'm sure glad I put Miley in her Vikings purple and we watched the game together because it was a doozey! We won!

I know, awww! So cute! Here's one more for good measure.

I take any opportunity I can to snuggle with my little fur ball.

I'll be doing a 5k fun run Dec. 1, the Mustache Run . It should be a good time. Basically, it's to show off mustaches grown for Movember. I'm going to have to get a pretty good stache for the run.

Finally, did I tell you that we booked our resort? We're going to Nuevo Vallarta in March and will be there over St. Patrick's Day! This is where we'll be celebrating our fine heritage. I'm so ready for a warm vacation and am really excited to go back to Nuevo Vallarta and explore the area and drink copious amounts of Margarita's and eat so much salsa it's coming out of my ears!

Happy Monday!

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