Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Walking in a winter wonderland

Friday morning after Thanksgiving, mom, dad, Miley, Trixie and I all piled into their truck to make the slick trip up to the cabin.

The day before, Thanksgiving, was 60 and sunny. It was officially freezing and snowing.

I hadn't been up since Labor Day weekend so I knew there would be some surprises. When we walked in I couldn't believe how different the place looked!

We got a wood burning stove!

It had just been installed earlier in the week so mom and dad hadn't seen it yet either. Friday was basically spent enjoying the fire and relaxing.

Saturday we woke up to the sun rising over a partially frozen lake that was full of geese and swans!

We ran some errands in town 'shopping small' since all the stores are mom and pop shops.

I had to make sure I wasn't going to embarrass my parents with my outfit. But it was maybe 15 degrees out so I wanted to make sure I was warm! Don't mind the mess, it's still under construction. 

My favorite place to go to is Yourchucks.

They have everything you could possibly need from an A/C unit, to liquor to hunting gear to VHS and cassett tapes.

I was able to find a new New Glarus beer! It was really tasty. It is apples, cherries and cranberries. I'll for sure get it again. 

After our errands, I headed out to play with the Red Ryder BB Gun we got from my Aunt Jane. My aim is horrible, but I did hear a few dings from hitting the can.

I was freezing cold so I went inside and made a huge pot of turkey wild rice soup for everyone. I'll have a post on that tomorrow. 

Once I warmed up I headed back outside to test my ax chopping skills. We needed small pieces of wood so dad found a tree that had fallen over and cut it into 12 inch long pieces. Then I chopped them so they would fit in the new stove. Chopping wood is a serious workout. I'm still feeling it today.

We wrapped up the day listening to Prairie Home Companion, drinking a few cocktails and enjoying a delicious roast beef dinner.

I love spending winter days up at the cabin. Especially now that we have the stove, it has a much more cozy feel to it.

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