Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday Funday?? Why not!

Aren't Monday's for plopping down on the couch after work because Monday's are just so exhausting after the weekend that it just shouldn't exist?

Well, something smacked me in the behind and I decided to up my planned 3 mile run to 4 miles. And let me tell you. It felt awesome!

Seriously, this felt really really good. Lately when I do 3 miles I feel like it hasn't been hitting the spot, but adding another mile did the trick.

Our 'fitness' center looks out over the pool area, so that keeps me going too. Knowing that I want to look good for my upcoming trip to Mexico in March.

Seeing that I was able to complete 4 miles in 36 minutes also gets me really excited for the next 10K I do, because I know I can do it in under an hour now. Until then, I'm doing the Moustache Run on December 1st!

I'm so excited to wear this hat! Now all I need is a moustache...hmmm.... Oh, and if you'd still like to sign up it's the Living Social deal right now for only $29. Get on that.

I'm also super excited right now because the Meetup group that I started just went public to all members today! In the last hour we gained 40 members and we have 10 people attending the first Meetup happy hour!

I'm so excited to meet new people in the area!


Top: Calvin Klein, Sweater: GAP, Pants: Express, Shoes: Target
Want to know something really stupid? Ok, well I'll tell you anyway. After Friendsgiving I drank a little too much so instead of going to the bathroom to take out my contacts. I laid in bed, took them out, put them on my nightstand where they died a slow, solution-free death. So, I've been wearing my glasses until I get closer to the time of month where I change my contacts. Fun fact about my glasses. They have puppy teeth scratches on the lens.

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