Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet Me, Meet You, Meet Them, MeetUp!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a failure. Womp womp. I didn't work out last night, but I did eat basically only veggies for dinner. Ramen noodles are veggies aren't they? I had some corn and edamame too. Love that stuff.

Did you know that the 15th of every month is my most favorite day? Cause it's PAY DAY! Those candy bars aren't too shabby either.

Serious face now.

It's really hard to make friends here. I've touched on this a little before, but I'm going to talk about it again. Unless you were born and raised in Minnesota, it's really hard to find your place, your true friends. 

I was born, and raised in Minnesota, but we moved around to different areas of the state, and a couple times we moved out of state so we would lose those childhood connections. When we would move back it would be to a new area where we would be the new kids again. Strange and mysterious. No one knew anything about you, and usually didn't really care to. 

When I talk to other people that moved here for or after college, they agree that, yes, we might be "Minnesota Nice" and will give someone directions if asked, but will we be your bff? Probably not. That's the biggest struggle being from Minnesota, but not. Make sense?

When I started working I met some great friends, we went out every night and every weekend. I knew their parents and they knew mine. They were always there for me. They were not Minnesotans. They were folks from Wisconsin, South Dakota, Florida, etc. I moved away, and eventually so did they. When I came back, I didn't have any friends except for my family. 

I can't rely on family for my social life, and I'm too young to sit home and wallow in self pity that I don't have any friends. I've scoured the internet for different groups, but there's nothing that screams Ali! So, I made my own Meetup! Girls Night Out - Minneapolis. I even gave us a nickname, GNO!

GNO - Minneapolis is for all the girls out there like me who just want to have fun and meet new friends. Who want to go to happy hour instead of riding the empty bus home on Thursday because everyone else is celebrating Thirsty Thursday. Or who wants to go see Magic Mike in theaters, but the girls you do know think it's degrading. Come on! Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey as strippers! The girl who wants to chat about the upcoming season of the Bachelor and Sean's bacheloretts over brunch and bottomless mimosas. GNO is for me, it's for you, it's for them! So, check out my Meetup group, and join me/us/them at the first GNO happy hour on December 5, at 5:00 PM at The Local!


  1. Alison, I would agree about Minnesota. People can be "friendly" but a lot of people already have their close cliques and don't actually want to be "friends"- Most of my friends here are transplants that I met through my running club, Calhoun Beach Running Club- awesome group of people just looking to run and develop new friends- come check it out sometime!

  2. I've looked in to the CBRC but got too intimidated. Maybe I'll actually come and check it out sometime. I'm new to running, and want to run a half this Spring. It would be nice to have a group of experienced runners help me along the way!

  3. If you do decide to come check it out, send me a message to make sure I'm there! We really are working to build a bigger group of newer runners, but I do think sometimes people get intimidated because it's kind of a fast group, but it's a great way to meet people.