Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day!

Have you looked at a calendar recently? We only have 5 weeks left of 2012!! I'm happy to say I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Just the BIL (Brother In-Law) left. Stumped on that one. 

With that said, I won't be Black Friday shopping. I did it once and I'm pretty sure I won't do it again until I have kids or nieces/nephews. The deals only seem to be exceptional on toys or things I don't need. I'll be spending the rest of my long weekend in the great white north at the cabin. I'm really, stupidly excited to try out the Red Ryder BB Gun I got from my Aunt, to wear rubber boots and flannel from head to toe, to sit around a fire and get in a ton of cuddle time with Miley.

I've also been told that there are some changes at the cabin since I've been there last, which was Labor Day.

I hate how dark it is by the time I get home. But I do get to enjoy some beautiful sunsets.

Last night I only had time for a short two mile run, but I wanted to push myself and make them a fast two miles.

I was happy with what I accomplished. Now if I could just run three miles under 9 minutes, I'd be really happy.

I was meeting a fella at Pig & Fiddle for drinks. If you've never been, I'd highly recommend it. I didn't eat, but the menu looked good and all the food that came out looked delicious. The bartender was fantastic and the atmosphere was laid back but fun. It was a different vibe than the rest of the restaurants in the 50th & France area.

If you didn't know, yesterday was 'Hug a Runner' day, so I hope you got a hug because if you didn't already know, hugs are what make the world go round. Everyone deserves a good hug.

This is dumb, but I guess it's the little things in life that make each day fun and special. Such as the double long buses!

Hello! If I was 10 I'd run for these seats every time I ride the bus because they swivel when the bus turns. I seriously smiled every time the bus turned and the little accordion things did their job.

It's going to be a slow day, so here's what's helping me get through until I have a nice four day weekend!

Totally obsessing over these songs. Might not all be work appropriate, but since no one is in the office, I'm blasting them...quietly, quietly blasting my music.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Does your office close on Black Friday?

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