Monday, November 19, 2012


On Saturday evening Diana and I hosted our first Friendsgiving! 

I wanted to add some special touches so I stole her crafty little idea and made them my own!

I started with the banner.

I got my free letters from the original post here. Hit up my local JoAnn's for some card stock and riffled through an old craft box where I already had some twine and orange clips. 

I love crafts, and hosting get-togethers so this was the perfect time to whip up a banner and let me tell you, it was a hit! Everyone that walked in loved it as it proudly hung over the table of yummy food.

My second project I stole was turkey pine cone meal tags. I was so excited to buy my first hot glue gun!

It's just a baby glue gun, but she was a good one!

The only pine cones I could find were cinnamon scented, but I figure I'm killing two birds with one stone here. Now I have cinnamon scented cones to decorate with for Christmas!

Turkey pine cones, simple. Take a pine cone, some feathers and hot glue on to the back of the pine cone. 

I used the left over card stock and made little labels of different dishes that would be served. I thought they were absolutely adorable and added a little somethin-somethin to the table.

Check out this turkey.

Does that not make your mouth water? It was so delicious. I had nothing to do with it, it was all Diana. I basically just sniffed it while I gulped sipped wine.

After dinner we all sat around and played with our mustaches while we let the turkey coma set in.

All in all I think everyone had a great time, including Mr. T-Rex. We had more than enough food, and I'm pretty sure our fridge will be stocked with turkey, pie and wine till the next millennium. So if you're hungry or thirsty, come on over.

In what is becoming the norm, I headed to mom and dads on Sunday to do my laundry and get in some cuddle time with my fur ball.

She wouldn't look at me long enough to get a good picture. She was too focused on the pizza I was shoveling in my pie hole.

In my attempt at an #ootd picture I got this.

I really wanted to wear these boots, but couldn't remember what I ever wore them with before so I dug out this old skirt and thought it worked. Pretty different from my day to day black. Look at all the color! And pattern! Ok, yes, the rest of the outfit is grey. Big deal.

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