Friday, November 30, 2012

Border Battle!

This Sunday the Vikings are playing the Packers and in my office there are a lot of Vikings fans with equal parts Packer fans. To get the weekend started off right, I organized an office Chili Cook Off!

When I planned this a month ago, everyone was gun ho and talking about how good their chili is. Well, three days prior to the event, we only had one confirmed entry and almost had to cancel. Luckily, the office pulled together and we got five chili entries! One being a pheasant chili!

All we are missing is a case of beer and calling it a day after lunch.. I guess I can wait until next Friday when we have our company holiday party and the beer starts flowing at noon!

I got this really awesome shirt to support the Vikings this weekend.

It's from Scared Panda which I told you about earlier this week. I love it!

It's my little girls birthday today. Miley is the big 5!

Here's a shrine of cute Miley pictures.

Happy Friday!

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