Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Challenge: Core Workout

Here we go. Before pictures. I took a dip in the hot tub, so I figured I'd just take the pictures so in a few months time I can see the change, assuming there will be some.

Not the best, but my goal is to trim down and strengthen my core.

A little while ago I 'stumbled' upon Tribesports website. They have different challenges you can participate in such as this core challenge.
Once you've completed the challenge you log it in your bio on their website. You can work out with friends, get support from others in the Tribesport community and find a lot of useful information about health, fitness, and eating right.

There have great challenges. This is one that I'm going to do for a week and then go on to another challenge.

I got home from work and immediately changed into my work out gear and headed for the TM. I felt ok during this run. 3 Miles is starting to feel pretty comfortable. More than that is a little bit of a struggle, especially on the TM. I just get bored.

I followed my run with the above core workout and I was surprised at how weak my arms are! The push-ups and planks were the hard part for me. I can feel the crunches and the bridge in my abs today. Six more days of this core workout challenge!

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