Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vaca Prep

If you know me, then you know I have a weird love for PowerPoint. It's because of my love for PowerPoint that my family has taken warm, sunny, beachy vacations. Guess what? I'm at it again! 

It's currently snowing/sleeting here in the great state of Minnesota which means it's time to plan the next vacation. My parents have a timeshare in Mexico, so it's just a matter of booking the week and finding cheap airfare {ha!}.

Our options are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta, or Cancun. Have you been to any of those locations? Which is your favorite? We all went to Cabo a couple years ago, but I feel like I didn't get to experience it the way Cabo should be experienced. I've also been to Puerto Vallarta, but I went with an ex boyfriend and we did AI so we never explored outside of our resort.

Whale watching in Cabo! This was an absolutely amazing experience. We were on a pirate ship booze/sunset cruise but all that stopped once we saw the whales. The captain said he wanted to respect the whales so we just floated at sea as everyone oood and ahhhd.  There were two adult whales and a baby whale jumping out of the water non stop, almost like they were teaching the little one. 

I'm secretly hoping we go back to Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta. I loved the beach there and the water was so warm. I never left the resort when I was there, so it would be fun to explore the city and see what the place is all about.

Since I'll be heading on vacation in the next few months. I figured it's time to really crack down, eat healthy, no pop, more veggies and get in more varied workouts. When I go on vacation this time, I'll (most likely) be single still, and I don't want to look like that whale up above. 

Last night I discovered Tone It Up from a blog I recently started to follow, Keep Calm and Carry On. Love her style! I downloaded their app to my iPhone and will be trying some of their workouts. I also have a ton of wii work out games and workout DVDs I'll be busting out. 

With that said, expect to see a complete before picture coming this weekend, and a lot more updates on healthy recipes I'm trying out and what I'm doing for workouts.

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