Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running Pictures

I hate how awful pictures are when you're doing a race. I just got these from the TC 10k I did a week ago.

That would be me in the black. The genius who at first had her bib under her jacket, then realized it was never going to warm up so put her bib on the back. I guess I was thinking that I was totally going to drop and roll or totally face plant it and this way my future fire fighter husband wouldn't have to flip me over, my bib and emergency info would be visible.

That darn table was floating ahead of me the whole race, just like the TBS logo floating in Sheldon's food.

I know now why I hate wearing these pants and why you always see girls wearing skirts or shorts over their running tights. My thighs look HUGE! I guess it's not about what you look like, just as long as you're doing it.

I mentioned earlier that my goal was to run the 10k in 60:00. As you can see I didn't do that. However, my chip time was 1:01:21. The next 10k I do I would like to run in 55 min and I think that's a very reasonable goal. I was running a 9:53 mile so if I keep up my running through the winter, I know I can shave off a minute from my mile and run around an 8:30-8:45 mile.

Last night I ran on the TM at my new place. The machine is crap. There are loose pieces that bang together with every step you take, every move you make (I'll be watching you).

This was a mix of running 2 miles at 7 mph and the last mile was inclines and slow miles. Hence the average mile pace of 13:25.

And, just in case you wanted to see what I look like today. Here's a picture.

I bought some new lip color since I lost my old stuff. Not in love with it yet. Maybe because I put it on over chapstick?

I used to have this Mirabella Colour Shine in Reckless (second from the right). For my sisters wedding we all  got our make-up done and they used Mirabella products. I LOVED my make-up and this lip colour. I didn't think bright pink would work, but it totally did. My mom bought us all our lip colours so we could freshen up throughout the day. Unfortunatly I think mine is now in the posession of a MPLS cabby and I can't justify spending $20 on lip colour. Maybe when I win the lottery.

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