Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Because I'm so good at commitment, I bailed on my workout and hung out with the roommate, her boyfriend Brandon and his buddy Aaron.

I was introduced to Quelf. If you haven't heard of it, I actually suggest checking it out. It's a board game, that ranges from trivia questions to 'dares'. Our first round we all landed on trivia questions, then the game got interesting. Aaron came out of the bathroom with his pants on inside out. Brandon could only grunt or use one word to communicate in a Frankenstein voice. Diana had to ask her foot permission to speak, and I had to quack like a duck every time a card was drawn!

Even though I bailed on my workout, I'm excited to git 'r done today. My abs and buttox are sore from the core challenge I did after my run. So that's good...I think.

I totally lol'd when I checked my emails and saw I had one from a somewhat celeb. He's a local musician who was on The Voice and made it on to Adam Levine's team on the first season. Yes, the one Adam said sounded like a girl!

And, here's a couple random pictures from the day.

Once again, I'm coming down with a cold. Caramel latte from Caribou is helping to sooth the throat, however, the caffeine is making me super jittery.

Rockin the new scarf I got from Ari for being part of her wedding party. Love the colors since every piece of clothing I have is black, grey, or blue. Dontcha love the bathroom pics?!

Mirrors. My weakness. There are mirrors all over my complex! It's a love/hate relationship. 

Mmm! Dinner. Taco turkey meat and caesar dressing. Trying to use up the bad dressing I do have. I don't like to have things go to waste. Meanwhile, everyone else was eating pizza. Ugh!

Finally, the perfectly peeled banana! I found this tip on Pinterest and so did not believe that it would work, but it's a-mazing! Pinch the tip and it opens up and takes the stringy things too! So much easier than trying to open from the stem. Half the time I have to use a scissors so my work scissors have banana guts on them. Totally cool.

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