Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mansion, food, and open bar, oh my!

I was invited to attend an event at the Van Dusen Mansion for event planners. Since the mansion is just two blocks from my apartment, I thought I'd go and check it out. Besides, who doesn't love a mansion party?

There are so many beautiful mansions in the area. A lot of them are event spaces, great for weddings, or have turned into apartments. The Van Dusen Mansion is an event space, but it also has rooms you can rent out and spend the night. However, I over heard a conversation last night saying that they are going to stop doing that.

I wandered the mansion and was in complete awe. It is such a spectacular space. If I was getting married in the next millennium, I would totally have my wedding here.

This is one of the guest rooms. They all seemed to have their own themes, but oh so tastefully decorated.

Each room had huge bathrooms with giant soaking tubs and very large walk in closets. This room had it's own parlor. Perfect for getting all your girlfriends together for hair and makeup before an event.

They had this room set up as if you were listening to a speaker, but I saw pictures of it set up for a wedding ceremony and with the large chandelier and the cathedral ceiling, I could only imagine this being a perfect location for a ceremony. Below the mirror, there is a large fireplace.

There are two other buildings and a beautiful courtyard with a stage. There was live music, free valet, open bars, passed orderves, and a chef competition. I didn't stick around too long since I still had a lot of packing/cleaning to tend to, but I'm glad I stopped by and was able to check out one of the local mansions.

Just one of the perks of my job!

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