Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm A Finisher!

Happy Monday!

I'm still gloating at the fact that I finished my first 10k on Saturday morning!

It was freezing cold when I got up on Saturday morning at 5:00 AM. There were flurries and quite the wind.

I got to St. Paul around 6:15 AM and jumped on the first shuttle to take me to the State Capitol. There were three of us on the bus. A little ambitious? Race time was 7:30 AM. Most of the runners gathered in the only heated tent so we could thaw out our feet before take off.

I placed myself in the middle to the back of the start which seemed to be the perfect place for me. The start of the run is up hill for the first 1k, then it's a rather flat course. I knew once I got over the hill and past the St. Paul Cathedral that I got to go down that big hill to finish strong!

This course is really pretty because it starts at the state capitol, up to the St. Paul Cathedral and down Summit Avenue which has some of the most amazing homes you'll ever see. 

It was such a great morning for a run despite the freezing temps. I kept going over all the excuses in my head why I wasn't going to run, it's too cold, it's too windy, I'm getting over a cold, I haven't run in a week, I've never run more than 3.1 miles without stopping. But I did it! I ran the whole way through at a pace of 9:53/mile and a smile at every mile marker.

I finished! Going into training I set a goal time of 60:00. I didn't quite meet my goal, finished in 1:01:21, but that just means I have something to shoot for next time.

I'm already looking at when there will be another 10k or even a 10 mile. I'm officially hooked on running!

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